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Sunday 31 May 2020

AUTISM. The epidemic continues to grow. Conventional medicine doesnt know the cause. But they do know it is NOT caused by pharmaceutical vaccines.

Three links about autism came into my in-tray this week. Each demonstrates that the Autism epidemic continues to grow, and that no-one appears to be interested in finding out why.

               "According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), the number of children diagnosed with autism in the United States continues to increase. In a report published on Mar. 27, 2020, the CDC estimated the prevalence of autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in the country is now one in 54 children - up from one in 59 reported by the agency in April 2018, for an increase of nearly 10 percent."
One in every 16 Irish boys has autism: crisis worse than COVID-19 and nobody cares

               "According to National Health data released last week, autism incidence among Irish children is now at 4.3%, an 82% rise in five years. One in 16 boys is affected."

England has 250,000 more autistics in 15 years. 1 in 21 English schoolboys in now autistic official Education Department statistics indicate.

               "Official UK statistics indicate 1 in 21 English schoolboys is now autistic.  Worse still when school leavers are included, in just 15 years the total number of new autistic school children and young adult school leavers is 258,000 according to CHS’ estimates from the official figures."

Autism is a disease that was unknown until the 1940's. It now affects millions around the world. Why is this? Conventional medicine does not know. This is what the UK's NHS clear and concise answer to this important question.

               "Nobody knows what causes autism, or if it has a cause."

So perhaps autism just 'happens', perhaps nothing causes it. It comes out of the blue, out of the air, like a virus. But the NHS continues,

"Autism is not an illness"

Not even an illness. Well, that's okay then - isn't it? Nothing to worry about? However, amidst all this bland uncertainty the NHS is perfectly clear about what does NOT cause autism. As the NHS says,

               "Autism is not caused by .....vaccines, such as the MMR vaccine...."

So parents who believe they had children who were developing normally prior to having childhood vaccines are just plain wrong. The vaccine is quite definitely NOT the cause. Even if "nobody knows the cause", or indeed "if there is a cause"

"It's not me, guv!"

So, no doubt conventional medicine can back up its certainty with scientific evidence. After all, it says that pharmaceutical medicine is 'science based'. So the question was asked of the USA's CDC (Centers for Disease Control), and they had to concede in a in Federal Court that it does NOT have any studies to support its claim that “Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism”.

So when some 40%-70% of parents with autistic children blame vaccines, typically pointing to vaccines given during first six months of life caused the problem, conventional medicine resorts to denial - completely unsupported by evidence.

So who is looking into what is causing the autism epidemic?
  • No one, it appears; sounds like doctors don 't even think it's necessary
Who cares about what is causing the autism epidemic?
  • Answers on a postcard please
And by the way, should any of you parents are wondering, conventional medicine has no treatment for autism.