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Tuesday, 26 March 2019

AUTISM & HOMEOPATHY. The parents delighted they discovered it. The children cured by it.

The greatest test of any medical therapy, for any patient, with any illness or disease, is that it works - that once they were sick but now, after treatment, they are well.

The BBC's 'You & Yours' programme I referred to in my previous blog, whose main purpose was to disparage and discredit the homeopathic treatment of Autism, seemed to disagree with this. One woman said that autism was "a part of who people are", and even denied that autism was a disease at all!
               "Psychologically it is really harmful to give parents the idea that the way to love and nurture their autistic child is to try to cure their autism."

In sociology there is a well known concept of 'the sick role', developed by Emile Durkheim in the 19th century, that describes the benefits some patients obtain from the attention and concern their sickness brings to them. The want to be sick.

Durkheim's theory, and Talcott Parson's development of it in the 20th century, did not include the idea that conventional medicine would now be seeking to benefit from the theory. In a kind of reverse engineering, we are being told that as there was no medical cure for an illness, it was right to accept that people had the illness, and should be happy to live with it.

I continue to believe that it is unhealthy for anyone to live their life within 'the sick role', or that any form of medicine which is unable to offer a cure,should encourage patients to accept it.

Most parents would agree with this, certainly those parents who have had healthy children, who developed normally for the first months of their lives, and then suddenly lost their ability to communicate and react to the people around them. This is why parents will look for medical treatment capable of overcoming their child's disability. This is why the parents of autistic children turn to homeopathy, and many have been rewarded for doing so.

Most homeopaths also agree, which is why homeopathy has been at the forefront of finding successful cures for autism. There is a cure for autism, but it is not conventional medicine - it is homeopathy. Conventional medicine will say that the following cases are purely 'anecdotal', and not 'scientific'. The science of homeopathy will be dealt with in the third blog of this series. However all the cases  demonstrate that there are lots of satisfied parents, and children who have been cured, or are on their way to cure.

CEASE, the homeopathic method that the BBC gratuitously abused in their You and Yours programme, has been at the forefront of the drive to find a cure for autism. CEASE has a website that should be read as it explains the origins of the method, how it works, and gives links to homeopaths who have been trained to practise it. It also has 8 actual cases of cure.
  • Then I recommend that you read this Health Impact New article, "How Homeopathy is Healing Autism" which provides a detailed, and one of the best explanations of how homeopathy treats autism, using what these USA homeopaths call the 'Houston Homeopathy Method' - which sounds very similar to CEASE.

This link takes you to an account of Tim, aged 5, autistic for 2-3 years. It is written by his homeopath, Sadhna Chaman, RHom, MARH, which outlines his condition prior to treatment, the treatment he received, and his recovery.
  • "JoJo's Recovery (from autism) and what we learnt". This is a case from the USA, a video of JoJo both prior to, and after his recovery. JoJo was developing normally until his MMR vaccine. His recovery followed CEASE therapy. "JoJo is a living example as to why you should fire your pediatrician" it says. Or perhaps it explains why paediatricians should have an open mind about medical treatments they routinely dismiss, and fail to refer patients too.
  • Reversing Autism. Zane's story. This is a letter written by a mother when the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council drafted a Public Statement on Homeopathy stating  “…it is unethical for health practitioners to treat patients using homeopathy, for the reason that homeopathy has not been shown to be efficacious.”
  • Reversing Autism. Melissa's Story. Parents noticed their daughter was having problems around her 2nd birthday. She stopped talking, was having difficulty making eye contact, and became socially inactive. Her recovery is charted in this article.
I have also received this case from Henry's mum, Catherine, who lives in Worcester, England
"My son, Henry, aged 10, was diagnosed with Asperger’s (High Functioning Autism) and Sensory Processing Difficulties has walked on his toes since he was 18 months old. This is a well-known condition of Autistic Spectrum Condition’s. He was unable to walk flat footed or even achieve a 90 degree angle in his ankle, causing various problems including pain, muscle tightness, balance difficulties, fatigue and inability to perform gross motor skills alongside his peer group.

We visited many specialists including Physiotherapists, Paediatric Orthopaedic Specialists, Orthotic Specialists. They confirmed the symptoms Henry suffered from all stemmed from toe walking, that he was unable to raise the top of his foot towards his leg as should be expected, and he was lacking by 30 degrees from the normal expectation. Several times he was physically checked to confirm this and it was noted each time that his calf muscles were short and his Achilles tendon was extremely tight/short. They refer to this as secondary contractures.

The options presented to him were: to use orthotics to stretch his Achilles tendon and calf muscles, which we were told would take a number of years, still not resolve the problem completely, and that he would require surgery at some point). Serial casting where he would need to have both legs in plaster for several months, changing the cast weekly while performing Botox injections to try to lengthen the tendons and muscles. We were told again that this option would not have been able to fully resolve the issue. Or a combination of casting and Botox injections before surgery to cut and extend/lengthen the Achilles tendon and calf muscles. The risk involved with this surgery ... might be to leave him with a weak plantar function, making walking more problematic than it currently was.

We came to Lynne for CEASE therapy for our son’s autistic symptoms. Within 3 weeks of administering the homeopathic remedy Henry was able to achieve the 90 degree angle at his ankle, his calf’s and Achilles tendon had lengthened to allow him to walk flat footed! The physiotherapists involved confirmed this result and were amazed at the results, something they could have only dream of achieving in an incredibly short time.

My son is now able to walk for longer periods without fatigue and pain, his balance has improved. He has increased ability to regulate his emotions and communicate with us.  He was able to express real emotions for the first time in his life, enabling him to express his love for us for the first time.

I would thoroughly recommend using homeopathy to help manage and control the symptoms you are experiencing. The options presented to us by the NHS were invasive, painful, distressing and unlikely to have resolved the issues so completely, if at all. We are extremely happy to have had the option to find an alternative and feel strongly that patient choice led us to the perfect solution.
all described in some detail. Several related articles follow on from this one, all providing useful information and autism and homeopathy.
A web-search on 'Autism' and 'Homeopathy' brings you to many homeopaths who specialise in treating autism. Here are just three.

Mike Andrews, who works from Shropshire, England and his website provides this interesting case.
Homeopathy enhances dietary gains.
Boy, aged 6 with an Autism diagnosis, showing how homeopathy can further enhance the effect of nutritional and dietary approaches. He had been on a Caesin / Gluten free diet with supplements for one year, which had helped with tantrums and moods, but had significant progress following homeopathic treatment. First consultation: he was watching videos but needed assistance to change from one to another. Second consultation: he was able to copy url’s from mum’s phone, learning to type. Third consultation he was playing computer games!
  • Another homeopath is Paula Lattimer. Her website contains this case example. "In only six months, CEASE therapy has had a hugely positive impact on my son's autism. Whilst I balked at Paula's suggestion of a 'plastics' detox, I held my breath in disbelief after my son's bowel movements were like melted plastic. Who knew that plastic would have that effect on the body? My son's lifetime of chronic cold sores and lesions magically disappeared after Paula prescribed a combination syphilinum remedy. Remedy by remedy and dose by dose, CEASE therapy is targeting and eliminating every symptom of autism in my son. It's amazing to watch."  Parent, Belfast, Northern Ireland

Alan Freestone is another homeopath who specialises in treating autism. His website contains many cases of curing autism, testimonials from happy parents who once had autistic children.
  • Our 4-year old boy H was diagnosed with ASD in Oct. 2013. He was non-verbal with vision problems and moderate learning difficulty. In Nov. 2013, we were lucky to find that Anna and Alan offer free homeopathy treatment for ASD kids. Both of them are extremely knowledgeable and professional and they have offered incredible support not only to my son but to us as well. We started with a detox of Rabies vaccination and H showed his detox reactions such as fevers, rashes and behaviour spikes. After 4 months of treatment, he now wants to communicate and vocalised a lot. We still have a long way to go but CEASE therapy has given us great help and we are quite optimistic about his future.
  • It is since we have implicated the homeopathic remedy proscribed by Alan that a drastic fading of autistic traits has occurred. In our household, the name of Alan Freestone is associated with the happy and positive changes that have come about for our 4 year-old son and for our family. Although our son has improved so much since the diagnosis of autism two and a half years ago, it is since we have implicated the homeopathic remedy proscribed by Alan that a drastic fading of autistic traits has occurred. Our son also has PANDAS, and there are no longer any flares since we started down this path. For the first time, we actually can see that recovery is a possibility for him, recovery from both autism and PANDAS. Thank you Alan, words can’t express our gratitude.
  • Our son 7yrs continues to make incredible progress under Alan’s care. Alan’s skill at taking the patient’s history has enabled him to prescribe appropriate remedies right from the start. Remedies to clear a specific vaccine and for development continue to sit well beside ongoing biomedical and dietary intervention. Last week was the first day ever with no verbal stimming, what a relief. Yesterday he reminded me of an appointment I had forgotten, his memory is starting to work; and later in the day he did his homework with excellent focus that I had not seen before. Alan we are so grateful for the part you are playing in his recovery.There are many, many more autistic children who have been, and are being successfully treated with homeopathy. And as homeopaths understand the disease, and the cause of the disease more, and as homeopaths learn more about the remedies that are best suited to treat the disease, many more children will be treated.
New cases - since this blog was first published
There are many, many more similar cases that prove autism is not untreatable. It is, however, important to say that conventional medicine IS correct when it says, as it always does, that THEY have no treatment for autism.

For this reason this blog will not be 'closed'. As I come across further written up cases I will add them to the foot of this blog. The conventional medical establishment (supported by the BBC) may not believe there is a cure for autism. But fortunately there are a growing number of parents do.

This is the second of 4 blogs on the subject of Autism and Homeopathy.
If conventional medicine does not wish to find a cure for Autism, Homeopathy certainly will continue to do so.

CEASE therapists can be found on the internet here.

December 2019
Reversing Autism 
This is an article in What Doctors Don't Tell You by a therapist, Karen Thomas, a craniosacral therapist, who after 14 years of intense research has developed a 4-step programme for autism recovery. It involves clearing heavy metal toxins, diet recommendations designed to heal the gut, and much else. For any parent of an autistic child it is a must-read.