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Thursday 28 March 2019

AUTISM & HOMEOPATHY. Does conventional medicine cause autism?

It is often said that attack is the best form of defence. And it is known that a cornered animal, especially when its life is threatened, can be ferocious when it has to defend itself. Perhaps this is what is happening in this situation.

We live within a society that has a strong health and safety ethos. This is not a bad thing. Throughout human history people have lost their lives working on projects, in industries, and in many other settings, because of the inherent dangers of their working and living circumstances, and the carelessness of their masters. Whether it was Pharaohs building their pyramids, or 19th century industrialists profiting from unsafe working practises, millions of people have been killed for the greater glory of their superiors.

Health and safety practises now dominate all spheres of life. Sometimes safety is taken to ridiculous lengths. Playing conkers, for instance, has been deemed to be unsafe! And as I write, trees are being felled in the wood opposite my house because they have been deemed 'unsafe', alleged to be diseased, a risk as they might fall on me as I pass under them. It is a nature reserve, and wildlife habitat is being destroyed in the name of health and safety.

So in most walks of life health and safety now rules - except for one important area - conventional medicine and health.

"First do no harm" is a principle developed by Hippocrates, who lived in the 5th century bce Greece. Conventional medicine has adopted it, but has always ignored it. They accept that their drugs cause 'side effects' and 'adverse reactions' but however serious these are found to be doctors continue to prescribe the drugs to their patients. We are told that the 'benefits' outweigh the 'risks', although patients are never told about the detail of these risk assessments.

Samuel Hahnemann was a 18th century doctor who decided that he could no longer involve himself in the patient harm caused by the drugs of his time, mostly based on mercury and opium, and practises such as bloodletting, blistering, and the use of leaches. He set himself the task of developing a safer form of medicine, and over 220 years ago he came up with homeopathy. The conventional doctors of the day derided and attacked him, and conventional doctors continue to do so today - fully supported by the mainstream media.

Provision for health care is now dominated by conventional medicine, and this is itself dominated by the prescription of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. It is a system of medicine that remains inherently unsafe, just as it was in Hahnemann's time.

How do we know this? Do we have evidence of the harm it causes? For instance, does conventional medicine cause autism, is it the reason for the current epidemic levels of autism, a disease entirely unknown 70 years ago? One this is certain, the conventional medical establishment says that it does not know the cause of autism.

But it does know that it does not cause autism, the MMR vaccine does not cause autism, the MMR vaccines is entirely safe. Anyone who says otherwise is an 'antivaxxer', a danger to our health according to the World Health Organisation. Yet look at this patient information leaflet, taken from the MMR vaccine given to children in Britain, which can be accessed through this website.

               "After the marketing of Priorix, the following side effects have been reported:
     • infection or inflammation of the brain, spinal cord and peripheral nerves resulting in temporary difficulty when walking (unsteadiness) and/or temporary loss of control of bodily movements, inflammation of some nerves, possibly with pins and needles or loss of feeling or normal movement (Guillain-Barré syndrome)"

Not autism perhaps, but evidence that the MMR vaccine can cause serious 'side effects' to the brain. So is this vaccines 'entirely safe'? The information leaflets also list other serious side effects, including high fever, rash, upper respiratory tract infection, infection of the middle ear, swollen lymph glands, abnormal crying, insomnia, bronchitis, swollen parotid glands, diarrhoea, vomiting, convulsions, joint and muscle pain, sudden life-threatening allergic reactions, narrowing or blockage of blood vessels, and measles and mumps like symptoms.

This is not my information. It is information that comes in the package with the MMR vaccine. Doctors know about this, yet they are still prepared to call this vaccine "safe".

When I wrote my DIE’s website (the disease inducing effects of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines) I was surprised how often conventional medicine claimed that it did not know the cause of so many serious illnesses. Everyone is aware that pharmaceutical drugs cause side effects, often so serious the drug (or vaccine) has to be banned. So I started to look for evidence that these so-called 'side effects' were (at least in part) the cause of these mystery, unexplained diseases. What I discovered was not only evidence that they do, but that much of that evidence is contained within the books and journals of conventional medicine itself.

Conventional doctors may insist that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are safe, even 'entirely' safe, but within their own literature there is clear evidence that they are not!

Autism is a disease unknown before the 1940’s, prior to mass vaccination campaigns. Since then it has risen, exponentially. And it has done so in exact parallel to the increased use of vaccines. The CDC website (a pillar of the conventional medical establishment) gives the following statistics about the rise and rise of autism in the USA.

          2000          1 in 150 children
          2002          1 in 150 children
          2004          1 in 125 children
          2006          1 in 110 children
          2008          1 in 88 children
          2010          1 in 68 children
          2012          1 in 59 children

A more recent 'Age of Autism' estimate suggests that the figure could now be 1 in 45 children!

The autism epidemic is not confined to America. It is now raging throughout the world, especially in countries with the health system is dominated by conventional medicine based on pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. The National Autistic Society in Britain says that whilst there is no register, or direct count kept, autism is much more common than many people think.

               "There are around 700,000 people in the UK living with autism - that's more than 1 in 1001. If you include their families, autism touches the lives of 2.8 million people every day."

The NHS Choices website, in 2016, agreed with this estimate, stating that 1 in every 100 people in Britain now has autism.

Even so, as far as conventional medicine is concerned, the cause of autism remains 'unknown'! How can this be so? Is this a cover-up? Is the cause known but denied? 

My DIE's website looked into the evidence that pharmaceutical vaccines and drugs has caused the epidemic of autism. It implicates not only the MMR and other vaccines, but also the vaccination of pregnant mothers, paracetamol (the main ingredient of Calpol), and mums taking antidepressant drugs. And all of them are implicated in causing autism.

And equally, all of these links are routinely ignored, and/or denied by the conventional medical establishment!

This direct evidence that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines cause autism is supported by what might be called 'reverse' proof of causation. Homeopathic CEASE therapy works by detoxifying the body, and homeopaths have found that one of the main toxins that has to be removed are childhood vaccines.

So CEASE therapy is effective, as in the many actual cases outlined in a previous blog, because it antidotes the harm that has been caused by childhood vaccines.

Even so, the BBC programme had the audacity, and the gall to claim that homeopathy harmed children. And in doing so it ignored the real harm caused to children by pharmaceutical vaccines and drugs.

So the debate will continue. Just because the conventional medical establishment, the pharmaceutical industry, drug regulators, politicians and governments, and the mainstream media seek to hide and deny the debate that is going on about autism, its causes and treatment, it does not mean that the worries and concerns of parents will go away.

Medicine does not have to be harmful to patients. Homeopathy is not harmful - but our health system, dominated as it is by conventional medicine, is dangerous to patients. Therefore, homeopathy will continue to oppose drugs and vaccines that cause patient harm, and we will continue to treat children with autism in order that they might once again lead full lives. Even if our children are not allowed to attend nurseries, or schools, and visit pubic spaces in town centres, homeopathy will continue to fight the battle for patient choice, and health freedom.

This is the last of 4 blogs on the subject of Autism and Homeopathy.
If conventional medicine does not wish to find a cure for Autism, Homeopathy certainly will continue to do so.

CEASE therapists can be found on the internet here.