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Wednesday 9 August 2017

Vaccine Consent. Should I vaccinate, or should I just say 'No'? Or should I ask my doctor to take responsibility for their safety?

Many people continue to face the dilemma - should I vaccinate or should I just say 'No'.

On the one hand, conventional medicine tells us that vaccines are 'entirely safe' and harm no-one, governments and national health services around the world routinely offer vaccines to us, our doctors sit in front of us, confirming that vaccines are safe, and beneficial, and necessary, and the media complies entirely with the message.

On the other hand, people continue to hear about people who have apparently suffered from vaccines, babies following the plethora of childhood vaccinations, teenagers following the HPT (Gardasil) vaccine, and adults, especially after the flu vaccine. Perhaps it is their friends, or family, or work colleagues who tell them about this. Or someone raising money for a child who has suffered a disability after receiving a vaccination. We are told, of course, that the vaccine was not the cause, and anyway these stories are rarely carried on the mainstream media.

Then people hear about vaccine injury settlements, especially in the USA with their 'Vaccine Court'. The federal government has paid out over $3 billion in awards and legal fees for families and persons that have been affected by vaccine damage between the years of 1989 and 2015. In total, 3,937 cases have resulted in the awarding of financial compensation via the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program (VICP). So if vaccines are entirely safe, why is so much money spent on compensation for vaccine injury? In addition, we hear that these hefty settlements are funded by government, not by the pharmaceutical industry, who have been given 'immunity'. Why is such an arrangement with drug companies necessary? And why is tax-payer money being used for this purpose, if vaccines are entirely safe, and harm no-one as we are told?

Indemnifying conventional medical staff is becoming a significant problem in Britain too, I have written about it several times before. Our doctors are saying that unless the government pays for their indemnity insurance, they may no longer be able to practice. Why is their indemnity insurance premiums rising  to such unaffordable levels? Is it because the drugs and vaccines they are giving to their patients are causing harm? Surely not!

So perhaps some people are even relieved when, throughout the world (Italy, France, Germany, the USA, Australia, et al), mandatory vaccination is being introduced. At least it takes choice away from us, we no longer have to face the dilemma. If we want to receive child benefit, or for our child to attend a nursery, or indeed school, the government will insist the children are fully vaccinated.

But hold on. If vaccines are entirely safe, if they do not harm anyone, if they bring with them so many benefits, why should the government need to make vaccination mandatory? Should it not rather be barricading the doors of surgeries, pharmacies and hospitals against the stampede for vaccines? Why is it necessary force us to do something that is so obviously good for us?

Yet it is easier to just go along with the flow, to vaccinate, and keep our fingers crossed that our doctors, and the conventional medical establishment, are right. It is uncomfortable to say 'No', especially when we are not experts in the subject. It is difficult to withstand the pressure to vaccinate. If I say 'No', will I really be undermining 'herd immunity'? Am I placing myself, or my child, at risk of dreadful killer diseases if I don't vaccinate. Is there really any sensible alternative?

Well yes, there is! Why don't we ask our doctors to take on the responsibility. After all, it is THEY who are putting us under pressure to take THEIR vaccines. If it was anything else we were buying, a car, a washing machine, a holiday, a meal, our weekly shop, we would expect some degree of responsibility to be taken by the seller.

So, how about agreeing to vaccinate IF our doctor confirms to us, in writing, that the vaccine we are  being offered is, indeed, 'entirely safe'. After all, it only what we are told, so that should not be difficult to do, not too much to ask. I have seen many such draft consent forms. This is one of them (I am not sure of the source). It appears to do the job. What do you think about it?

Vaccination Consent Form

Names of Vaccine: .....................

I hereby give my consent to my child ..... (name)..... being vaccinated with the above vaccine subject to the following conditions:

1. That the patient information booklet which has been supplied with the vaccine is fully accurate, both as to the safety and the efficacy of the above-mentioned vaccine.

2. That the person ..... (name of doctor or nurse).... performing the vaccination, the Health Authority, the manufacturers of the above mentioned vaccine, and the Department of Health will accept full joint and several responsibility for any injury caused to my child as a result of the above mentioned vaccine being administered.

3. That in the event of any such injury being caused, my child will receive full compensation, assessed in accordance with the normal principles of English Tort Law.

If these conditions are not acceptable, the vaccination should not take place.

....1st Parents signature......
....2nd Parents signature.....