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Tuesday 8 August 2017

I was well before my doctor prescribed drugs for me! And I am better now I have stopped taking them!

Phyllis (not her real name) is a good friend, older than us, she is now well into her 80's. Only a few months ago we commented on how well she was for her age. She told us that she had never had a serious illness in her life, except for glaucoma, for which she had regularly taken eye drops. She is a meticulous woman, tidy, organised and efficient. As a homeopath I always smiled; if she was ever ill I would think first of the remedy Arsenicum Album! Indeed, she also had another typical Arsenicum feature, she was anxious, she was a worrier, she worried about everything, especially her health. She would, perhaps, been a hypochondriac, except that she really did not have much to worry about on that score! Yet, this was nearly her undoing.

A few months ago she went to see her doctor. She had a pain in her arms, not really a pain she said, more a sensation really. The doctor agreed to do some tests. Then, as she was leaving, she mentioned her high blood pressure, and showed the doctor the figures she had taken with her home blood-pressure gadget. Typically Arsenicum! Not only did she have a blood pressure machine at home, she took readings regularly, and was sufficiently organised to have the readings with her when she went to visit the doctor!

This was how it all began. The doctor said the readings were high, and prescribed her a drug to lower it. Initially Phyllis said she did not want to take drugs. But the doctor asked if she would prefer to have a stroke, and this frightened her sufficiently to agree to take them.

I was immediately concerned, although Phyllis would never consult with a homeopath. She did not believe in that sort of thing! Earlier, in conversation, I had told my 'Arsenicum' friend that some people had higher blood pressure than others, that worrying about blood pressure was in itself a bad thing, and that she (and many other people) had probably lived with what conventional medicine believes to be 'high' blood pressure for most of her life!

When I heard that her doctor had given her Amiodipine, a calcium channel blocker used to treat high blood pressure (hypertension) to prevent stroke and heart attacks I commented that this was typical of the 'medicine by numbers' so often practised by conventional medicine, and that I doubted whether she needed it. Yet it is difficult to persuade an Arsenicum about anything that lies outside their own particular beliefs. So I warned her to be careful, to watch carefully for the well known side effects of the drug. These are many and varied. I told her what they were.

The next few months were difficult for all her friends. Initially she lost her appetite, she had a bad taste in her mouth, and her stomach was upset. So she returned to her doctor who prescribed Omeprozole, a proton pump inhibitor that decreases the amount of acid produced in the stomach.

I rolled my eyes, out loud! One drug leading to another drug to deal with the problems created by the first. I told her about the serious side effects proton inhibitor drugs were known to cause. They are many and varied! I told her what there were.

The situation became worse as the weeks progressed. She could not sleep, which of course she worried about. And eventually she became severely depressed. Actually, at times she became quite unbearable! She had always been eccentric, always very much her own person. Now, at times, she became intolerable, even her best friends despaired.

Phyllis returned to the doctor, who listened to what she said, and told her to stop taking the drugs. She did so, indeed she was happy to do so, and within a few days she soon returned to her normal self. Thank goodness! Or, perhaps, thank her doctor. Phyllis was fortunate, indeed, that she had a doctor who, rather than denying the link with pharmaceutical drugs, drew back from the multiple drug route that leads so often to serious ill-health and death. Phyllis would not have listened to anyone except for her doctor, who she trusted, implicitly.

Yet this is what happens to so many fit and health people. Although essentially well, they go to the doctor with a minor ailment, for which they are routinely prescribed a pharmaceutical drug. The side effects of the drug are experienced, in one way or another, and the association with the drug is either not recognised, or it is routinely denied. The conventional medical establishment is always in denial! So more pharmaceutical drugs are prescribed in order to deal with the side effects of other pharmaceutical drugs! Yet these new drugs also have serious side effects, and soon the patient is taking a cocktail of drugs, which proceed to cause a multitude of illnesses.

In a short time the patient becomes very unwell. For the patient this is seen as bad luck. For too many doctors it cannot be the drugs causing the problem, so it must be the natural consequence of old age!

If patients are ever to be safe, it is important that we all  begin to examine how our illnesses and diseases have been caused. It is rarely, if ever bad luck. It is often poor nutrition, and our diet generally. It is sometimes the result of our sedentary life style, and lack of exercise. It can be caused by many other lifestyle factors. It can certainly be caused by stress. Yet in this age of science and technology it is increasingly obvious that the petro-chemicals that now play an important part of our lives, and which pollute the environment we live in, are seriously implicated as a major cause of ill-health.

Foremost amongst these new technologies, which are known to cause sickness and disease, are pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. The more we have consumed them during the last 100 years, the more we have experienced epidemic levels of diseases, such as ADHD, allergy, dementia, arthritis, asthma, birth defects, cancer, diabetes, osteoporosis, a whole multitude of autoimmune diseases, and mental health disorders; and so many 'new' diseases, such as autism, Crohns, chronic fatigue, Parkinsons, and many others.

If we want to understand why we are unwell, why we are sick and suffer from disease, we need to appreciate the role that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines now play in creating ill-health and disease. It has become a major cause

For more specific information about how pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are known to cause illness and disease, go to this link, "The disease inducing effects of drugs and vaccines".