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Wednesday 2 August 2017

Indemnity. What happens when doctors harm patients? (3)

I have written about the issue of medical indemnity on several previous occasions (do a search on 'indemnity' on top right hand side of this page). It is a burning issue for conventional medicine, and the situation is moving on rapidly.

Indemnity insurance enables doctors to harm patients without facing the full financial consequences of doing so.  For the conventional medical establishment this is important; after all, they are dealing with dangerous drugs and vaccines every day. Doctors give them to patients on the basis that they are safe, in the full knowledge that they are not only unsafe, but cause diseases far worse than the conditions for which they are prescribed, and will actually kill a certain percentage.

So it is little wonder that patients get angry, and sue doctors for damages caused to their health by 'medicines' that were supposed to make them better.

As my previous blogs outline, doctors within the British NHS are finding indemnity insurance premiums to be too high for them to pay. Now, we are being told that doctors are in urgent talks with the government as indemnity costs are making general practice 'untenable'. This has been reported in the GP e-magazine, Pulse, on 31st July 2017. In this, the chair of the BMA GP Committee, Dr Richard Vautrey, has said that the increases in litigation costs for defence organisations this year were ‘significantly increased’.

There is, of course, only one reason for insurance payments to rise. There are more damaged patients suing more doctors who have given them dangerous drugs and vaccines!

The consequence, according to Dr Vautrey, is mass GP list closures. He told Pulse:

               "We need to ensure that every doctor ...... needs confidence that they’ve got the indemnity to be able to work. Whether in an out-of-hours setting, extended hours, in a practices doing locum sessions without the worry of indemnity costs. We’ve made it very clear to the Department of Health, even in the last few days, that this has to happen quickly. Because there is a real risk that medical defence organisations will be forced to put up their rates to a level that will make it untenable for many GPs to work, or to do the number of sessions that they were able to do."

Vautrey said that this was despite the fact that in recent months doctors had secured reimbursement for the inflationary rises in indemnity this year and last, but this will not cover for the latest increase.

What this means is that OUR government is using OUR money to support conventional doctors prescribing pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that harm US, and kill US - in ever-increasing numbers!

This is not the only indemnity arrangement. Indemnity is given by many governments directly to pharmaceutical companies to indemnify them against the harm they do to patients (their citizens), especially with regard to vaccine injury. In the USA, for instance, the federal government has given drug companies the right to harm patients by compensate damaged patients via the Vaccine Injury Court, totally paid for by the USA taxpayer! And this kind of cosy arrangement happens throughout most of the world.

It is a conspiracy against both patients, and taxpayers!

Who gains from this conspiracy? Certainly not patients, who suffer the harm caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, and then pay for their injuries through the taxes they pay. Certainly not governments, who are being bled dry by medical insurance schemes throughout the world, dominated as they are by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that do not work, and cause us injury.

The profits of drug companies, however, are massively supported by government indemnity arrangements. They can develop dangerous drugs and vaccines without being overly concerned about the consequences to patients, and with the added assurance that their main salesmen (our doctors) will not suffer by prescribing dangerous 'medicines' to us.

UK government makes a pledge to doctors. We will protect you from harming patients with pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.