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Friday 18 August 2017

They harm us with their drugs, we pay compensation, and then raise more money for them!

If vaccines are safe, why has the US government paid out $3 BILLION to vaccine-injured families? This is the question asked by Natural News, an internet portal that focuses on natural health. It is hated by skeptics, medical fundamentalists, who love medical science, no matter how corrupt it proves to be, and hate anything that are alternative to the promotion of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. They will hate this Natural News article on vaccine damage. Indeed, they will have hated it since March 2015, when it was first published.

That was over two-and-a-half years ago! During that time have you heard an answer from the pharmaceutical industry, or from governments around the world? Has the mainstream media picked up the story in order to verify the truth or otherwise of the story?

Of course not! Instead, governments and mainstream media has been reinforcing the message of the pharmaceutical industry - all vaccines are entirely safe - they are effective - we should all be vaccinated against almost any illness - and if anyone refuses to be vaccinated they should be forced into accepting it.

If the story was not true the pharmaceutical industry would have sued Natural News, and anyone else peddling such an anti-pharmaceutical message. They have not done so. So is the story true! What is the story? It can be summarised in four points.

  • The conventional medical establishment, supported by government, and passively accepted  by the mainstream media, tells us regularly that vaccinations, in all their forms, are safe and effective.
  • The USA government has indemnified the pharmaceutical industry from any responsibility for their vaccines causing injury and damage (which, of course, they don't cause anyway) by setting up the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System (VAERS).
  • VAERS, sometimes called the Vaccine Court, has examined the negative effects of vaccination (which of course never happens) and has awarded $3 billion to vaccines damaged families (which of course do not exist) in less than 30 years.
  • There has been an ongoing failure, by governments and the pharmaceutical industry, to answer the question about why so much money has been paid to vaccine damaged families when these vaccines are effective and entirely safe. There has been a similar failure by the mainstream media to investigate this rather important paradox.
So what is the purpose of the VAERS system? Simply, it is the USA government indemnifying pharmaceutical companies for the vaccine damage cause to patients. 

What does this mean? It means it is the government, rather than the pharmaceutical industry, that pays out compensation to vaccine damaged families. It means that whilst the drug companies cause the vaccine damage, they do not have to take responsibility for that damage. So they profit from selling vaccines, and then leave it to the government to pay out vast amounts of compensation.

Where does the government get its money? VAERS pays vaccine damaged families with public money, the money they raise in tax, from taxpayers. So it is taxpayers who have to foot the bill for something that the rich and powerful pharmaceutical industry should be responsible.

Who are these taxpayers? You and me! Including those amongst us who have had the misfortune to suffer from vaccine damage. In other words, vaccine damaged families are paying themselves for the harm they have suffered through vaccination!

A brilliant business model - should it be replicated elsewhere?
This is a brilliant business model that other industries may want to replicate for itself. Faulty and dangerous goods, of and and every description, could flood the marketplace, causing absolute mayhem, but with the industry having to bear any of the consequences. Of course, the industry would have to be sufficient powerful, sufficiently rich to ensure that politicians and the mainstream media are kept in line, so that the public does not get to hear about it. But it is surely something worth pursuing!

Just think of the benefits. A manufacturer can produce a product without paying too much attention to its efficiency and safety. When the product causes damage and harm to consumers they can call on the government to indemnify them against legal action, and paying financial compensation. And the additional profits this produces can be skilfully used to ensure that the mainstream media does not tell anyone about it. What is there to lose?

So think about the benefits to your industry. You will be able to tell everyone about your products, about their safety and effectiveness, regardless of whether it is true or not. So, hearing nothing to the contrary, we will all want to buy whatever it is that you produce. Indeed, if your product advertising is sufficiently successful, if people can be convinced of the value of what you are selling, you can provide consumers with yet another incentive. You can set up charitable organisations that will raise more money for you, to enable you to do more research and development into your product.

There will be significant costs involved, but all these can come from the amazing profits that can be made from this model of production and marketing.
  • Politicians will have to be kept on-side, with sizeable contributions to their campaign funds, thereby tying them into your business model. No doubt other personal incentives may be necessary from time to time.
  • Governments will have to be kept on-side, with promises of investment in the national economy, and even threats of moving investments out of the country, and similar 'positive' incentives too, as and when required.
  • The mainstream media will have to be kept on-side, by delivering large advertising budgets that maintain their viability, and exchanging directors to work on each other's boards will also be helpful.
  • Supporting charities will have to be kept on side, with large donations to the cause, paid on the basis that they say positive things about your products, and ensuring they are run by people who are sympathetic to your business.
Once you have all this in place, any industry can thrive, even with ineffective and unsafe products, even when they damage families, and ruin the lives of millions. Why on earth have you not thought about such a business opportunity before? Why has the pharmaceutical industry been the only one to adopt this brilliant business plan? It's all beyond me.