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Wednesday 18 January 2012

Arthritis. Improvements continue with Homeopathy

On 4th January 2012 I published a story sent to me by Noor Muhammad Khan (DIHom), a touching story about his mother, who suffered with arthritis, for which 5 years of conventional medication had done little, or nothing.

I am pleased to say that her progress continues - as this update from Noor indicates:

It has been 12 days since my mother is on *Rhus Toxidenderon 6 C* 5 drops. Her present condition is as follows:

   1: She had persistant itching in ears and discharge which is quite better.
   2: She had toothaches which are quite better.
   3: Her cough was quite fine but for two days she has some episodes of cough.
   4: Pain in between her shoulders and upper limbs are better.
   5: She still has pain in legs.
   6: She had itching in both eyes which are better and tears fall just from one eye now.

She has stopped using Allopathic drugs for allergy, cough. She is taking pain killer just once a day (NSAID Group). Before she used it twice.

The thing to notice here is that progress is not just with the patients' main condition - arthritis - but several other conditions that, in conventional medical terms, would be considered to be 'unrelated'.

The moral of this update is simple. Get the right remedy - and general health tends to improve. 

In my early days as a homeopath, I remember treating one woman for menstrual problems. When I saw her for a second appointment she reported that she was much better - and wondered if I had given her something to improve the 'split ends' on her hair. She had not mentioned them!

The joys and wonders of homeopathy at work!