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Friday 13 January 2012

The Failure of Conventional Medicine. Just how dangerous are Big Pharma drugs?

Evidence for the failure of drug-based conventional medicine comes through thick and fast. The evidence is rarely used in the mainstream media; so pass this blog on to all your friends and family. It may save them from the dangers of the Big Pharma drugs we are regularly told are 'safe' and 'effective' when in fact they are neither.

Indeed, the question can be asked - just what do doctors and GPs know about the dangers of the drug they give us?

Aspirin in one of the oldest pharmaceutical drugs. So look at this advice now being given to GPs. The benefits of Aspirin are heavily outweighed by the dangers! Has you doctor ever told you this before? Have you heard about it in the media? And if they can't get it right about one of the oldest drugs, used for years, how can they possible get it right about newer drugs. And in this the message is reinforced; the value of Aspirin in more in the spin than the science!

And some painkillers are now known to kill over 15,000 people each year - just in the USA

The answer is, of course, that they don't know. Conventional medicine gives us drugs but in reality have no idea what they might be doing to us. We patients appear to be one huge drug trial! Here are some more examples.

Antidepressants. They cause suicide and violence.
                           And mums who take them risk giving babies high blood pressure.
                           And Canadian Judge says they can cause children to commit murder.

Antibiotics. The links with Obesity, Diabetes and Stroke. How long have we been told these drugs are entirely safe!

BigPharma drugs to prevent abnormal heart rhythms actually cause them!

Is the epidemic rise in Alzheimers Disease, and Dementia caused by drugs? Well, a common 'side-effect' of many, many drugs is - confusion. See this article, published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology, about 'common' drugs that cause memory disorders.

Statin Drugs. These dreadful drugs are now thought to cause diabetes! Once, not so very long ago, we were told these drug were 'entirely safe'. They are not! Look here for further information on this.

Not even doctors, our own GPs appear to know about the dangers of drugs. Here, they complain about being kept in the dark about the dangers of Viagra. Some time earlier, doctors were told that Viagra should not be taken more than twice and month. Makes you wonder just how dangerous they are!

So perhaps, when doctors are accused of, and sued for creating Valium addicts, they were not aware of the problem because they were not told(?)

Perhaps you will have noticed that I have said nothing about the dreadfulness, and the horrors of vaccination. Why? Because there is just so much coming out about how dangerous they are, and the devastation they are causing. So this will be the theme next week.