Wednesday, 4 January 2012

The Joy of Discovering Homeopathy

I reproduce this email (sent to a homeopathy website) to demonstrate something that I remember well, as a former homeopathy denier (skeptic) - the joy of discovering how powerful homeopathy is as a healing medical therapy.

I am very excited to tell you about the *miracle of homeopathy.*
My mother who was diagnosed Rheumatoid Arthritis. R.A factor positive 5
years ago. Since Then she was on following medicines of Allopathic in

1: Methotrexate a DMARD ( Disease modifying antireheumatic Drug) for 3
2: Later on she was given Leflunamide as DMARD.
3: Naproxen Sodium 500 mg B.D for severe pain from (NSAID Group).
4: Omeprazole to prevent drug induced ulcer.
5: Cetrizine for her allergies
6: Ecitalopram for depression.
7: Glucosamine and chondriton sulphate for joint supplementation.

But still she had severe pain in her wrist, elbow, knee, shoulder joints
especially early in the morning and night aggravated by cold and some how
ameliorated by motion. Although she was massaged twice a day but all in
vain. She also had dry cough at night and day time and had stomach problems.

Just to control her joint pains i studied and worked on various materia
medicas and reached to *Bryonia *and *Rhus Toxicodenderon.* I finally
selected *Rhus Toxidenderon 6 C* to give her*.* Last night i gave her 5
drops of Rhus Tox 6c in a teaspoonful of water. Today she again took the
same dose three times a day. Just now my sister called me with amazement
that mother had very less pain today and she also didnot take massage. she
was quite fine and extremely surprised about those miracleous drops.
Wow, I am very happy and dont know what to do next?
Your kind views will highly be appreciated.
Noor Muhammad khan- DiHom

Clearly, Noor is studying homeopathy, so his discovery of homeopathy must have happened earlier. But here he speaks of the joy of being able to treat other people of conditions for which ConMed has no successful long-term answer.

Homeopathy denialists believe that their attacks on homeopathy will do harm to us. Little do they know that this kind of experience that will forever ensure that homeopathy lives on! Let them do their worst. Homeopathy will survive for two reasons. The most important is that it actually works! The other reason is that people are beginning to realise that drug-based medicine is failing. This case demonstrates both.

So thanks, Noor, for reminding me of the joys of discovering homeopathy. And long may you continue to cure people of their ailments using this wonderful therapy.