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Tuesday 24 January 2012

Failure of Conventional Medicine. Just how dangerous are Big Pharma vaccines?

There is now so much evidence building up against vaccines it is almost impossible to keep up with them! And it must be extremely difficult for the mainstream media to continue ignoring the evidence - although they seem to manage doing so quite well. And the Government, the NHS, and our doctors seem to continue denying this information too.

There follows a long list of articles. So have a look at each of them, and tell your friends. Regrettably, it is the only way they are likely to find out!

     The author here states that vaccines cause disease, are ineffective, and increase susceptibility to disease.

     In contrast, children who are not vaccinated are much healthier.

     Fewer vaccines leads to reduced infant mortality.

     Are vaccines laced with birth control drugs?

     Does Big Pharma want to impose vaccines on children without parental consent?

     Indictment of vaccine researchers; questions about the veracity of vaccine research, and what we are told about them.

     Should paediatricians see unvaccinated children? Is this more evidence of forced medication?

     The attitude of some doctors towards vaccines. Doctors in the know protecting their own?

     Doctors speak out.

     And more GP doubts.

     Medical workers generally skeptical about vaccines. Why shouldn't they be - they see the awful outcomes!

     And this despite being urged by their own journals to get vaccinated. Only 38% of GP's, who tell us to get vaccinated, take their own medicine!

     Perhaps they know about the ingredients of vaccines! And they inject this stuff into our blood supply!

     Big Pharma are pushing 20 new vaccines. I wonder if they know dangers yet; and if so, whether they will bother to tell us?

     New evidence linking Autism with Vaccines.

     And more on Autism and Vaccines.

     Flu vaccine banned. But are we told? They don't think we should know!

     MMR Vaccines; and the dreadful damage they can cause to children.

     And more on MMR. From the aptly named 'What doctors don't tell you' magazine.

     Whooping cough - caused by whooping cough vaccine!

     Vaccines causing ill-health?

     Hepatitis B Vaccine - an experiment? Call for a moritorium!

     Gardasil vaccine hoax? Watch this video.

     The hidden truth about Gardasil vaccines

People are increasingly realising that vaccines are not safe. So why not join up with the Vaccine Resistance Movement? Most people don't have this information; so they vaccinate themselves, and/or their children without understanding the possible consequences. Everyone needs to do their bit in getting this information across. It seems certain that the popular media is refusing to do so.