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Tuesday 22 December 2009

Why do skeptics hate homeopathy? Homeopathy and the treatment of autism.

"Perhaps because it is one of the most threatening alternative modalities – financially, philosophically, and therapeutically. Actually, homeopathy has been a threat to allopathy ever since the 1800s, when German physician Samuel Hahnemann developed the homeopathic system".

So says Amy L. Lansky, PhD (see

Amy used ConMed treatment for herself and her family until her 3 year old son showed signs of autism, and that started her search for a safer form of medicine. She found homeopathy, and as she says, "after two years of treatment, he was testing normally and was released from eligibility for special education benefits".

The skeptics will dismiss this experience as anacdotal; but then they would, wouldn't they! The safety and effectiveness of homeopathy is a threat to ConMed, and skeptics want to stop people getting access to any treatment that is safer and more effective than their favoured treatment.

For more information, look at Amy's website,