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Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Dana Ullman, Homeopathy, and Skeptic Interference

Dana Ullman is writing an amazinging good blog on the Huffington Post. To see his latest go to

You will see that his blog comes under the same kind of 'skeptic' interference as this one, from the self-style quackbuster, Black Duck. My advice to everyone, including those who have written in to support homeopathy, is to stay calm. This is what I have written to Dana's blog - and I reproduce it here because I believe it is good advice.

"Stay calm, Dana! The skeptics have been placed here to annoy us personally, and undermine homeopathy particularly. I am having the same problem on my blog The purpose of my blog, and yours, is to try to inform people about the benefits of homeopathy, particularly at a time that conventional medical drugs are proving to be so dangerous, and based on such bad science. Indeed, it is strange that skeptics don't have anything to say about the almost daily revelations about the cheque-book, junk science that serves as the 'evidence base' for conventional medicine.

So for readers - don't be put off - skeptics are widely believed to be funded by the drug companies, who don't like homeopathy because it is not good for their business!

And Dana - stay calm. I thoroughly enjoy your blog, and I hope that you are bringing more people to question conventional medicine, and to realise that that there are safe and more effectives forms of medical therapy out here".