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Tuesday 22 December 2009

Medicine - the use of low doses in cancer treatment

Conventional medicine (ConMed) would have us believe that only by taking highly toxic drugs in large physical doses can have any impact on our health. This is quite wrong, and the evidence of the benefit of low, minimal and homeopathic doses is actually well known to science - except, of course, to the skeptics and supporters of the Pharmaceutical drugs industry.

It would appear that researchers within the conventional medical establishment are beginning to get the message. Read this at for a broad overview of the research that looks at the advantages of low doses, mainly in the treatment of cancer.

Of course, the lower the dose, the safer the medicine. Samuel Hahnemann got to know about minimum dose over 200 years ago, and homeopathy has taken the concept to its ultimate conclusion. This is why homeopathy is safe medicine. But ConMed is welcome to the party, better late than never!