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Tuesday 1 December 2009

Medical Science - the failure to protect us from conventional medicine

Conventional Medicine (ConMed) is supposed to be safe, and to be effective, because it is based on 'science'. Science provides ConMed with its evidence base, so every drug, every treatment you are given by your doctor, or by your hospital is its guarantee for safety and efficacy.

Yet the regulation and testing of drugs has regularly, and frequently failed. The drug testing system itself (in the UK, in the USA, and elsewhere) has been shown repeatedly to be dishonest and deeply corrupt, infiltrated by powerful and influential pharmaceutical drug companies whose primary interest is to profit by selling us drugs.

Drug testing, the evidence base for ConMed, has consistently failed to protect us. So where is the evidence for this? Have a look at my e-book, 'The Failure of Conventional Medicine' I have collected just some of the evidence together.

Conventional Medicine has regularly announced drugs as being 'miracle cures' for disease; and just a few years later these same drugs have had to be withdrawn, or banned, because they have been found to be unsafe, or dangerous, or even (literally) lethal. Again, if you want to see a list of some of these drugs, click on this link.

If this is the type of medicine is safe enough for you, it is widely available, free of charge within the NHS.

Safer medicine is rather more difficult, although not impossible to obtain within the NHS at present.