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Wednesday 1 December 2021

WHAT OUR DOCTORS ARE NOT ALLOWED TO TELL US. The medical profession does not allow them to be honest with us.

For anyone interested in safe medicine, in natural health, or who recognises the harm that can be caused by pharmaceutical or conventional medicine, the magazine "What Doctors Don' Tell You" (WDDTY) is an important source of information.

WDDTY is not a popular concept though because most people who not want to believe that their doctors do not tell them the truth, especially about the dangers of conventional drugs and vaccines. The idea is deeply upsetting for people who implicitly trust their doctor to tell them if the drugs and vaccines they prescribe might cause them harm.

Yet however alarming this concept might be, the concept that "Doctors Cannot Tell Us the Truth", or that "Doctors are NOT ALLOWED to tell the Truth" is much worse.

This problem has been highlighted in the UK's doctors magazine, Pulse, in their article "GP’s who criticise Covid vaccine on social media ‘vulnerable’ to GMC investigation. The GMC is the doctor's licensing and regulatory body. Without their permission no doctor can practise.

The Pulse article states that "GPs have been warned that criticising the Covid vaccine or other pandemic measures via social media could leave them ‘vulnerable’ to GMC investigation". The warning, it says, comes from the Medical Protection Society (MPS) as a British GP is "appealing a temporary social media ban imposed by the GMC after he was accused of spreading ‘misinformation’".

The doctor is Dr Samuel White who posted a seven-minute clip on Instagram and Twitter in June 2021 in which he outlined why he could no longer work in his previous roles because of "'lies’ around the NHS and Government approach to the pandemic that were ‘so vast’ he could no longer ‘stomach or tolerate’ them". Apparent he also raised concerns about the safety of the Covid vaccine, the testing methods used, and stated that masks are ineffective.

As a result Dr White, who has resigned his post after having several interim conditions imposed on his registration with the GMC and is working as a locum. He is now appealing these in the Royal Courts of Justice. The Pulse article states that a GMC tribunal had ordered him not to discuss the pandemic on social media, and to remove previous posts on the subject in August 2021, following complaints about his video. His barrister has called these restriction, correctly, a "severe imposition’ on his freedom of speech".

In addition I would want to add that the restrictions placed on Dr White are also a severe restriction on the right to know of patients. And as these restrictions clearly applies to every other GP operating in the UK, we are all being denied important information - we are being misinformed.

The Pulse article describes the legal arguments being used by a doctor described as having an "unblemished career", informed by "libertarian principles", and "supported by large bodies of scientific and medical opinion". Yet according to the GMC all this is not allowed. Patients are not to be told. There is to be no debate on the safety or effectiveness of conventional medical treatment, and certainly no discussion about the Covid-19 pandemic is to be allowed.

The General Public, you and me, are not to be informed of Dr White's opinions, just as previously the opinions of the 'Barrington Declaration' were also sidelined and censored by the pharmaceutical medical establishment, in including the government, conventional medical authorities, and the mainstream media. We are only allowed to know the official Covid-19 narrative - the treatment, especially the vaccines, are effective and safe.

The GMC's defence is also a matter of concern for patients. The GMC said that its tribunal had recognised serious concerns that Dr White was using "language that echoed conspiracy theories about the pandemic", and that there was a risk that members of the public "would be influenced by him to ignore public health advice". In other words, allowing the general public to make an "informed decision" by hearing both sides of an argument is not allowed. The medical director of MPS, Dr Rob Hendry is quoted by Pulse: 

            "Personal views which may be intended for friends or family can easily be misinterpreted and become more widely available through social media, and all views expressed may be judged as professional matters. Doctors should therefore be aware that advocating against the Covid-19 vaccine and other measures on social media platforms could make them vulnerable to investigation by the GMC.’

This demonstrates the sheer arrogance of the conventional medical profession. What the medical profession knows is correct, and there must be no questioning their wisdom. Moreover, the general public (you and me) are not sufficiently bright to be allowed to make an informed choice on all the evidence. We are to receive only the official message, the official Covid-19 narrative sanctioned by the pharmaceutical medical establishment. This message must not be questioned.

The Pulse article states that GMC ethical guidance states that doctors ‘must not impose [their] beliefs and values on patients or cause distress by the inappropriate or insensitive expression of them’. Presumably the only beliefs that can be imposed on the general public are those held by the pharmaceutical medical establishment!

This is made clear when the GMC is quoted as saying that it has "publicly stated that doctors have a responsibility to provide sufficient and balanced information about Covid-19 and the risks and benefits of treatments or preventative measures, and allow patients to make an informed choice." And the lecture continues. Any GP's who are ‘sceptical’ of the Covid vaccine, or the preventative measures in the national public health programme, should "ensure they are fully up to date with scientific evidence and act in accordance with national guidance". What this means is THEIR evidence.

The Pulse article concludes by stating that GP practices, and PCN-led vaccination sites, are facing pressure from anti-vaccine protestors, and that Covid vaccination will be a ‘condition of deployment’ for all public-facing staff in England’s health services from April next year.

What this all means is not only that the conventional medical profession is not telling us the truth, certainly not the whole truth, but that it does not allow its doctors to tell us the truth.

We should all remember this the next time our doctor tells us that a pharmaceutical drug or vaccine is effective, and entirely safe.