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Friday 19 November 2021

In Response To Forced Vaccination and Mandatory Medication

I reserve my right to be ill.

> and I assert my right to respond to my illness, including the threat of illness, in my own way.

You are not responsible for my health; nor do I give you permission to take control of it.

> you do not control how I support my immune system.

I am not responsible for your health, nor do I seek your permission to take charge of it.

> I do not and cannot control how you look after your immune system.

I have never given you permission to take responsibility for my health.

> I do not accept that you, or the government, knows better than me.

I believe that natural immunity is superior to vaccine immunity.

> I am entitled to believe this, and I don't care if you disagree with me. 

You may believe that vaccine immunity is superior to natural immunity.

> You may, but you do not have my permission to impose your beliefs on me.

I nurture my health through natural immunity, through diet, nutrition, exercise, and life-style.

> as I believe this is more important to my health than vaccine immunity.

I do not accept the pharmaceutical medicine has anything to offer me, or my health.

> you might think it does, and if so you, are absolutely entitled to do so.

If and when I am ill I will turn to natural medical therapies, not pharmaceutical medicine.

> this is entirely my choice, my decision; for which I take full responsibility.