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Friday 17 December 2021

The Official Covid-19 Narrative. The unifying voice of Conventional Medicine.

The Official Covid-19 Narrative has been relentless: and it is destined to continue. Those of us who are determined to remain vaccine free; those of us who view health and well-being quite differently to pharmaceutical medicine, have been constantly bombarded with pro-vaccine propaganda for the last two years. So I want to congratulate everyone who has stuck to their guns and resisted the temptation to go along with the crowd.

During 2020 the Conventional Medical Establishment (CME) admitted it had no treatment for the virus, and other than public health measures such as hand washing, social distancing, wearing masks, test and trace, and social/economic lockdown. They were correct. There have been more than 400 studies on the failure of all these interventions. There was no vaccine available in 2020; and from the very start of the pandemic we were told by the narrative that it was only vaccines that would save us from the pandemic, and return our lives to normal.

Throughout 2021 Covid-19 vaccines has been available; quite a number of them; and most people have submitted to the vaccination. In large measure this was because the narrative has urged everyone, ad nauseam, to take the vaccine. Yet after a year of mass vaccination programme around the world the pandemic continues, unabated.

The narrative has insisted that the vaccines are amazingly effective, and entirely safe. So there was no reason not to take the vaccine. As with all new pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines the promotion was unrelenting. In December 2020 the Daily Express told us that the Covid-19 vaccines would return us to normal life within a couple of months. Remember?

We will all be free by February!

This was not the Daily Express alone. It was every mainstream news outlet around the world. Every government. Every conventional medical authority. This is why the narrative was a "narrative". Nothing outside this 'good news' narrative was allowed to be said, written or published. Other voices, critical voices, were censored.

I wrote 7 blogs in December 2020, and 10 in January 2021, far more than I normally write. Most of them were critical of conventional medicine's response to Covid-19, many predicted the fiasco we have witnessed during the last year.

None of this information, critical of the narrative, was made available to the general public by government, conventional medical authorities, or the mainstream media. Even dissenting voices from within the conventional medical establishment have been censored. 

Indeed, the single most amazing feature of the official narrative has been the utter unity of the message. Most days have seen news agencies providing us with exactly the same stories, with exactly the same message, using the views of the same people. There has been no deviation from the story, no slant on the story that was even marginally different, and the same people, with the same opinions, were heard on a daily basis. This has been unique to the Covid-19 narrative. It would appear that there has been a single, guiding hand, linking together not only multiple mainstream media outlines, but every conventional medical authority in existence, and every government around the world. 

The unity of purpose, the unity of the message, has been a remarkable achievement!

Yet the pandemic has developed, and despite the vaccines failing to return life to normal, the unity of the narrative has persisted. No-one can really claim that the situation this Christmas is any difference to what it was last year. Why is this? The narrative tells us that it is because of a new variant. Or it is the fault of the unvaccinated. That we need a booster vaccine; perhaps even annual vaccines. Certainly we need to continue wearing masks; we are heading towards a 'creeping' lockdown. And we need vaccine passports; ever mandatory vaccines.

Never, anywhere within the official narrative, has there ever been a hint or suggestion that the vaccines are failing, even though they clearly are quite useless.

How has the narrative's unity of purpose and message been maintained? What is it's unifying force? It is, of course, the pharmaceutical industry. The most profitable industry in the world has certainly used its wealth wisely. 

  • It now totally dominates mainstream medical provision in most nations of the world.
  • It has infiltrated and taken over drug regulatory agencies in every country where they exist, and subverted their primary role - to safeguard the public from harmful drugs and vaccines.
  • It has lobbied and funded politicians, and political campaigns, in return (one suspects) for their allegiance.
  • It controls governments around the world; all of whom have admitted openly that its policies "follow the science" - conventional medical science, which has been bought and sold by the drugs industry.
  • It has taken control of the mainstream media, initially through its advertising budgets, then through shared and mutual directorships of companies.
  • And, especially since the start of the pandemic, it is now moving to control social media, with websites speaking against the narrative being. 

 And this is what is behind the Official Covid-19 narrative, its single, unifying voice.

  • So when the vaccines have quite clearly failed we are told that this is because there is a new variant.
  • The double jab is no longer sufficient, a booster is necessary, and probably even an annual vaccine in future. 
  • All good for pharmaceutical profits, but meanwhile the pandemic continues
  • alongside new instructions and directives about masking, social distancing,
  • the effective cancellation of Christmas - vaccinated or not. 
  • A further 'creeping' lockdowns is happening. 
  • Vaccine passports have become a reality. 
  • Vaccine mandates are imminent.

All this clearly constitutes the failure of the Covid-19 vaccines, but the "f" word is never mentioned! Instead, narrative is identifying suitable scapegoats, and again it is strangely united in this task. 

It blames and abuses people who wish to remain vaccine free. 

The vaccinated public, complying with the narrative, cannot understand why anyone should refuse the vaccines because they are so effective, and so safe. So the ongoing pandemic must be their fault. The narrative does not mention that vaccinated people can still contract the virus, and transmit it. Nor does the narrative ever mention natural immunity. It never has - for two whole years of propaganda about vaccination!

And the unvaccinated, blamed for the continuation of the pandemic, are never given a platform to explain their views. No differences are allowed.

The narrative fails to explain why the double vaccinated are still contracting the virus; or why they are still being hospitalised; and dying. We are told they get it less severely; but is that really why people have accepted the vaccines? The narrative does not explain why the vaccines are failing to protect the fully vaccinated from the virus. It is known the the vaccinated can pass the virus on to others, but only transmission by the non-vaccinated is ever mentioned.

And so it continues. The absurdity of the narrative should stretch the credulity of anyone who takes just a few seconds to examine the message. But few people do. Why? Most people have been scared witless by the incessant propaganda about a deadly virus, a virus which has to be relentlessly hunted down, even at the cost of destroying our social and economic lives. We are all meant to be scared! We must believe that the Covid-19 virus is more serious, more lethal than an annual influenza viruses, and certainly a higher priority than other painful, serious, and potentially terminal illnesses and diseases whose treatment have been suspended or postponed in favour of 'protecting' everyone from the deadly Covid-19 virus - a virus, incidentally, that has not significantly increased the average monthly death rate significantly anywhere in the world.

Above all, the narrative has notably failed to mention that we all have an immune system, designed to protect us from illness and disease, and that most people (other than those taking drugs that purposely interferes with our immunity) can help themselves, without medical intervention in simple ways of supporting and strengthening it.

No, we all need the vaccine, even if it does not work. It’s all the narrative has to offer, so it is becoming increasingly desperate for it to work, the more it become clear that it is failing. But it might work, perhaps with a 3rd, or a 4th, or a 5th vaccination. A triumph of hope over experience!

The narrative has other objectives. One has already been achieved. It has generated a massive financial coup for the pharmaceutical industry, whose profits have increased enormously, profits which will no doubt be used further to develop and reinforce those that have to continue the narrative on their behalf. 

The next objective should now be clear. It is heard when our democratically elected politicians, fully compliant to the nonsense of the narrative, openly support undemocratic vaccine passports, and mandatory vaccination. In the main they do so with little apparent realisation that there is a degree of anomaly between their objective, to force 15–20% of the population to accept a vaccine they do not want, and who they are, democratically elected politicians who are supposed to represent us all.

So the narrative is, in fact threatening thousands of years of struggle for individual freedom, personal liberty, and democracy in undermining the many codes, statements and policies that underlay health freedom.

It is a sad day when democratically elected politicians arrogantly believe that they are so wise they can force the people they represent to have needles stuck into their bodies, and injected with a toxic substance that is known to be causing serious adverse reactions and death. If the narrative can achieve this it really is the end of democracy. 

Equally disappointing is the attitude of so many people who live in a democracy, who pay lip service to wanting to maintain their personal liberty and freedom but can support politicians who are seeking to deprive them of it, prepared to go along with the hate-based policies of a pharmaceutical narrative that so clearly undermines these freedoms.

The vaccines politicians wish to mandate are not safe, and there has been no debate, not even an acknowledgement of the harm they are known to cause. The narrative does not allow debate. It never talks about vaccine damage, even though the harm is no longer open to serious doubt. Serious adverse reactions are being recorded by national drug regulators around the world. During the past year they have received literally millions of adverse reaction reports from patients who have taken the Covid-19 vaccines. 

This data is never mentioned. The narrative denies it. And when it becomes so clear it can no longer be denied it is discounted.

So what are our politicians doing. Their only defence is that they have no power. They may appear to have the power to determine policy, but the reality is they are not really that powerful. They are controlled by, and have become, the voice pieces of the super-rich, the mega-wealthy corporations - not least the mega-wealthy pharmaceutical corporations. We like to think that in a democracy that the people control the politicians but other than in elections that take place every few years politicians are controlled by those who control wealth and influence within society. 

So it is the pharmaceutical lobby that controls the official narrative. The official Covid-19 narrative is the message of the pharmaceutical industry, a message that tells us that only a vaccine will work, and that there is not such thing as natural immunity. Politicians, governments, the mainstream media, none of them, seem willing, able, or have the power to go against the narrative. 

Governments have admitted from the start of the pandemic that their policies have been 'informed' and 'guided' by science - medical science - now an integral part of the pharmaceutical medical establishment. The objective of this establishment is to maximise drug profits, to sell more vaccines, to hide from the general public (by speaking through politicians, and the mainstream media) that the vaccines are causing untold harm. Anyone who speaks against the narrative is dismissed, accused of spreading ‘misinformation’ and engaging in conspiracy theory. Their voices have been effectively muted.

This is what the official Covid-19 narrative is all about. Whilst the narrative remains unquestioned, unchallenged, the pandemic will continue - unabated! The vaccinated will suffer more harm, and only those who remain vaccine free will prosper.