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Wednesday 13 October 2021


How good a memory do you have? Can you remember back to those bad old days when we were all "locked down", unable to have a social or work life.

The official Covid-19 narrative (provided in unison by government, conventional medical authorities, and the mainstream media (MSM) was that Covid-19 was a killer disease; there was no medical treatment, we were all at risk; it was killing thousands of people around the world: so we all had to sacrifice our lives in order to safe; and we had to save the NHS.

After nearly a year of this blanket message, the official narrative changed. There was hope. We could spur ourselves on. Help was at hand. This was the new message.

Daily Express
20th December 2020

The new Astra Zenica vaccine, with its "new winning formula" would be approved early that week. Two million jabs would be ready for the most vulnerable and elderly within a fortnight. Let me quote from this heroic front page article.

            "Britain could be free from severe Covid restrictions by February thanks to a new ‘winning formula’ vaccine. The “game-changing” Oxford AstraZeneca jabs expected to be approved as early as today, paving way for a massed vaccination blitz. Insiders say that the perfected vaccine works better than hoped and will match the best on offer. A source said: “The path to liberation is finally becoming clear".

This message was to help us through the misery of lockdown. And as has always been the case with the official narrative, everyone was singing, in unison, from the same hymn-sheet.

The Sun
27th December 2020

            "The UK could be free of lockdowns by February - after Government officials drew up a list of 15million vulnerable Brits who need the vaccine first. It comes amid news that the Oxford/AstraZeneca jab could get the green light for use as early as Monday - with roll-out beginning in just a week.

So it spurred on on, the worst was over, in just a couple of months we would all be free to resume our normal lives again.

Yet by February 2021, when we should have all been free, the official narrative had been forced to change. The optimism had faded. The vaccine was not working, as we had been promised. So the story changed again.

Mail Online
4th February
Britain could vaccinate its way out of lockdown by April 7th

             "That's the latest date the UK will finish injecting all over-50s if vaccine drive keeps up pace - as ministers claim it's the key to ending restrictions and infections drop again.... MPs are pressing for a road map out of lockdown as Boris Johnson and his advisers continue to act cautiously. Schools look set to begin fully reopening on March 8 but it could be weeks or months until lockdown ends

I could continue with this rather depressing tale; but sadly I would very quickly get bored; and in any case you know what has happened. Hope faced into reality. Freedom has been regularly postponed: this had to happen first: > or that: > we needed two doses of the vaccine; > the NHS still needed to be protected because from unsustainable pressures: > we need a boaster vaccine: > it's all the fault of those nasty anti-vaxxers: > we now need an annual jab; > we need vaccine passports: > we need to force more people to compliance: > we need to have flu vaccines too. And so it goes on.

Whenever we listen to people who speak to us we have to determine whether (i) they are telling the truth; (ii) they really know what they are talking about; (iii) whether we can trust what they are saying; (iv) whether they are lying. We have to do this all the time but we now need to do it over the Covid-19 narrative.

The Covid-19 narrative in the narrative of the Pharmaceutical Industry. It might appear that the drug companies have been silent during this pandemic; but they speak through the government, through official medical channels, and throughout the MSM. This is the measure of Big Pharma's control of the Covid-19 narrative, and health messages generally.

As Marshal McLuhan once told us, "The medium is the message". And the medium through which public information is now coming is controlled by the conventional medical establishment (CME). This is why, at any one time, the dominant message reaching the public is the same. No matter the platform, the source is the same - the CME. And anything outside the official CME narrative has to be dismissed as "misinformation", and censored on social media.

So what is the official narrative telling us today? Is it any more truthful, or more accurate, then the message we were being given in December 2020; or in February 2021?

There are, perhaps, more important questions to ask.

  • is conventional, drug-based medicine, really any closer now to having any sort of control over this virus?
  • more, does it have any control over the epidemic levels of chronic diseases?
  • and why is the official narrative still fail to tell the public about the patient damage that the Covid-19 vaccines are now known to be causing?

Covid-19 will subside. All infectious disease subside - eventually. This is NOT the work of vaccines, it is the work of our innate and natural immunity. Yet. as soon as it can, the CME will claim that it was their vaccines that were triumphant. This always happens; it happened with measles, with polio, and with smallpox, and many more. This might be a lie, but the CME will state it through governments, conventional medical authorities, and the MSM, and they will repeat it often enough for most people to believe it.

Pharmaceutical medicine is not setting us free. It really has no intention of setting us free. If two vaccinations had been sufficient to set us free we would now be enjoying our freedom. If the boaster shots are capable of setting us free, they will set us free. But why should the pharmaceutical companies want to do this, even if they were capable of doing it (and they are not). Setting us 'free' from illness and disease is not a good financial strategy for the drug companies. If they were capable of making us well, if they could cure illness and disease, we would no longer want, or need their drugs. It would be bad for business. They want us sick.

For them, setting us free is a really bad idea!

If we really want of liberty, we will have to look elsewhere!