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Sunday, 3 January 2021

Vaccines and Medical Experiments on Children, Minorities, Woman and Inmates (1845 - 2007)

This blog concerns the history of outrageous medical experiments conducted for the Pharmaceutical Industry by Medical Science between 1845 and 2007.

This blog is providing a link to an article published in 2007 on the Natural News website. I have tried to provide this link to my Twitter and Facebook followers: but both these organisations are censoring it - they do not want us to know about the diabolical standards and ethics of conventional medical science. And this, of course, at a time when we are all being urged to take the new, fast tracked COVID-19 vaccines we are being assured are 'entirely safe'.

Perhaps they are, perhaps not. But we are entitled to know about the history of conventional medicine's willingness to experiment with our health, all in the interests of 'medical science'. Historically (at least) we are not dealing with honest people working in an honest industry. But we are dealing with powerful people working within a powerful industry.

The long history outlined in this link (which can be accessed directly at the moment) should be read by everyone who is taking pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.

The timeline was originally put together by Dani Veracity, and edited and updated by Natural News in 2007. Each of the outrageous medical experiments have been fully referenced. As the article says: "Here's what's really happening in the United States when it comes to exploiting the public for medical experimentation". It is, of course, the same medical system that dominates health care not just in the USA, but throughout most of the world.

PS. If I discover that some internet platforms are censoring direct access to the website, I will reproduce the article here.