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Monday 18 January 2021

Covid-19 Vaccines: Growing number of reports of serious side effects: Everyone needs to use the Regulatory Reporting System

It is becoming clearer each day that the new, largely untested Covid-19 vaccines are causing serious side effects, including death, facial paralysis and allergic responses. However, it is also clear they are NOT being reported to drug regulatory agencies. And that that neither government nor the mainstream media (MSM) are interested. Certainly the conventional medical establishment (CME) is doing its best to ignore, deny, or obfuscate rather than admit the damage they are causing with yet another group of vaccines.

For anyone who has not heard about the serious harm Covid-19 vaccines are causing this link takes you to a webpage that is collating all the reported side effects from around the world. It is already a lengthy (and growing) list of reports of serious reactions to the vaccines.

Yet the situation is more serious than this. I am hearing regularly from homeopathy colleagues, and other natural therapists, that their vaccinated clients, friends and family are complaining of a variety of side effects. The problem of non-reporting has become systemic. 

  • Some patients don't realise they are suffering a side effect. 
  • Some patients realise it is a side effects but decide to cope because they believe they can cope.
  • Some patients do tell their doctors but they do not report it (one such report I have heard, for example, is that the doctor just treated the side effect with steroid drugs). 
  • Other doctors just refuse to accept that the problem is a side effect of the vaccine. They have, remember, been telling us these vaccines are safe, and to admit they are not safe is perhaps too professionally sensitive.

The important point is this: all reports of vaccine reactions should be reported to the appropriate drug regulatory agencies, and recorded by them - but it is clear this is just not happening. If it is not happening it is a breach of the law in most countries. It is not a question of doctors reporting them only IF they feel there is a link: they are obliged, by law in most countries, to report them. The entire system of drug regulation depends upon this as only when they are reported will the dangers of these vaccines be realised, and made known to patients, through Patient Information Leaflets and similar.

The message of this blog is clear. When someone, anyone is vaccinated, and suffers a reaction, slight or serious, it should be reported. Again, in most countries drug and vaccine side effects can be self reported. In Britain, for example, you can go to this website, the Coronavirus Yellow Card Reporting Site, and send in your experience post vaccination.

  • When a side effect is reported it is added to the information base for the vaccine concerned.
  • If it is not recorded it allows the CME to claim that the vaccines are 'safe'; that any particular side effect is 'rare' or 'uncommon'. 

So other people will unfortunately believe CME's safety claims, there will be no evidence to the contrary, so they too will decide to get vaccinated on that basis, and some of these people will also suffer harm.




In the USA?  

This is what you do to report a drug/vaccine side effect there.