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Tuesday, 25 August 2020

Pharmaceutical Medicine. How effective are doctor-prescribed drugs and vaccines? How long should you continue taking drugs?

Just how effective are pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that our doctors prescribe to us? Almost every week we hear about some new drug that is a 'miracle' cure for some illness; and currently we are all waiting for the pharmaceutical industry to deliver a vaccine that will be the answer (the only possible answer) to the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. 

We have all been programmed to believe that conventional medicine has all the answers to illness and disease - but does it?

There has been a meta-analysis (June 2019), a comprehensive review of randomized clinical trials published in three of the main medical journals. It revealed a total of 396 'medical reversals'. 

A medical reversal is described as a medical practice that is found to be "no better than a prior, or lesser standard of care", a 'low level' medical practice that is "either ineffective or that cost more than other options but only offer similar effectiveness". Conventional medicine seems to use these meaningless terms or phrases in order to ensure that most people don't understand what they are talking about. Well, let's put it more simply.

What this meta-research has shown, yet again, is that most conventional or pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are of little value. They are ineffective. They don't work.

  • This is why, year by year, more people get sick, take pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, but they do not get better. 
  • Instead, more patients are prescribed these useless drugs, on the basis that they have to be taken for a lifetime. In other words - they just do not work.
  • This is why, year by year, the NHS (and conventional medical organisations around the world) cannot cope with the rising levels of illness and disease, always need more money, and routinely complain about the 'lack of resources'.

 I wrote about the over-hyping of drug effectiveness, and the consequences, in my E-Book, 'The Failure of Conventional Medicine'. I reproduce part of this here.

            "The conventional medical establishment regularly overstate the claims they make about drug and vaccine safety and effectiveness, particularly when a new drug or vaccine is about to be marketed and taken by patients. The drug companies have a financial interest in doing so. We are told, regularly, that some new treatment will transform the lives of people suffering from this illness, or that disease.

            "Yet the reality is that most drug tests reveal something much more modest. For instance, drug testing may have indicated that a drug will give a 25% reduction in symptoms for about 20% of people suffering from a disease. What this means is that 75% of the symptoms will remain for 20% of sufferers, and 100% of the symptoms will remain for the remaining 80% of sufferers!

            "Rarely, if ever, has a pharmaceutical drug merited the iconoclastic headlines that regularly appear in our mainstream media, which inform us that they are 'miracle cures', or ‘magic bullets’, that will free mankind from the ravages of some illness or disease. The mainstream media is always ready, if not eager to submit the propaganda of pharmaceutical companies to us, usually without question or demure. They meekly cooperate in the pharmaceutical industry's effort to persuade us about the magical qualities of every new drug or vaccine, and they hide anything that might suggest they might be ineffective or unsafe.

            "The result is that many sick people, suffering from incurable diseases, wait patiently and expectantly for medical science to come up with a cure before they die.After all, this is what we have all been led to believe, scientific medicine will eventually conquer disease. Sadly, most people have been, and will continue to wait in vain for a future that never arrives!

            "A more sober and realistic experience suggests pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are rarely as effective as claimed, and in time most of them are soon found to be ineffective, unsafe or dangerous. And sometimes quite lethal. Perhaps they are as safe as the drug testing and drug regulatory regimes throughout the world can make them - but as will be seen this not very safe at all.  

So if you are one of the many, many patients who have been ill for a long time, when nothing your are prescribed makes you better, when you get sicker week by week, when you are on drugs which have serious side effects, you need to discover natural medical therapies. They are all more effective - and certainly safer. 

Why Homeopathy? is my E-Book that looks at specific illnesses and diseases, and compares conventional and homeopathic treatment of them. You will be surprised at the number of illnesses conventional medicine openly admits it has no effective treatment. This is why more and more people are switching from pharmaceutical medicine - particularly in the longer term it just does not work! It is ineffective.

Just how long would you consider using a car, or a washing machine, that did not work?