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Tuesday 11 August 2020

Our Amazing Body, the Immune System, and Pharmaceutical Medicine

How do we breathe? 
Do we have to remember to do so?
Do we have to think about it?

How do we keep our blood circulating?
Do we have to do anything to keep it moving around?
Do we have to tell it to do so?
How do we keep our body at a stable temperature?
The same questions can be asked - but the answer is the same.
We do not need to do anything. It is all done for us, whilst we just get on with living our lives.

Every minute of the day our body is doing all the things we need it to do to keep us alive; except for feeding ourselves, exercising, and leading a sensible, sustainable lifestyle. If we undertake this properly the body even keeps itself well, it protects us from illness and disease.

Our immune system keeps us from harm, it automatically does things that keep us healthy
And we know nothing about it
We do not have to think about fighting off infections.

Only conventional or pharmaceutical medicine seems to have forgotten about our body's amazing ability to do all this, and our brilliant immune system. I wish I had £1 for every time I have heard a conventional medical spokespersons saying that a vaccine is going to be necessary, that we won't be protected from COVID-19 before a vaccine is available.

This message has become a regular feature of pharmaceutical medicine's propaganda - that in order to stay well we need a pharmaceutical drug or a vaccine - our body will not, cannot do it alone.

What conventional medicine is telling us is that it knows what is happening when we are ill - a fever - inflammation - whatever - and that it has the drugs and vaccines to stop it happening. It can force the body back into health, back into compliance. Moreover, these drugs have to fight the body, with drugs that oppose ("anti-......."), or ........ blockers or ......... inhibitors. The all oppose, inhibit, block what the body wants to do, needs to do. The doctor knows best how to keep us healthy and fit! Pharmaceutical medicine  even have drugs now, immuno-suppressant drugs that purposely stop our immune system from working. What sort of medicine is this?

They suppress the immune system because, they say, it has "turned in on itself", it is faulty, and is causing disease. So why does it do this? We are not told. But presumably, pharmaceutical medicine has drugs and vaccines that will protect us against infections, like coronavirus, that we no longer have natural immunity to. Yet we know it has no such thing.

And does the immune system really turn on itself? Or is autoimmune disease caused by pharmaceutical drugs - drugs like antibiotics, statins, and vaccines? The faulty immune system is part of conventional medicine's denial - that it is causing harm to our bodies.
Fortunately, natural medical therapies have not forgotten about the importance of our amazing body, or our brilliant immune system. All natural medical therapies, quite rightly, place these things at the very centre of our healing process, each in their different way. It is what makes them 'natural'. They are not picking a fight with the body, or engaging in unwinnable battles with germs. All natural therapies emphasise the important of diet and nutrition, exercise, good lifestyle choices, and so on. In addition they have developed strategies, treatments for supporting the body. Homeopathy, for instance, seeks to support the body, to stimulate the natural healing qualities of our body. 
We have to live with bacteria and viruses, we always have done, and coronaviruses are here forever; they will not go away, they will not be killed, they will mutate first. They are here now, and they will be here in future. They will kill some people, every year, people with 'underlying health conditions', although with the support of natural medical therapies, we give ourselves a greater chance of surviving epidemics like COVID-19.

So why has conventional medicine forgotten about the amazing body, the brilliant immune system? The answer is rediculously simple! Neither our body, nor our natural immunity, is profitable. It has to be sick to be profitable. Drug companies have to frighten us into believing that we will be sick, or will die, without their pharmaceutical wonder drugs. Good health comes from a bottle of expensive pills.
And this is why the coronavirus COVID-19 panic has been generated.
Doctors want to sell us more pills we do not need.