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Wednesday, 12 August 2020

Free Homeopathy App. for your mobile phone

Did you know there is a free homeopathy app. for your mobile phone. Anyone who prefers to use homeopathy rather the conventional medicine - because it is so safe, and so effective - should download it now. 

It is a brilliant homeopathic first aid guide to the treatment of simple illnesses and injuries. It helps you select a remedy for yourself, or your family, when you are ill - without having to contact or consult a homeopath.

Materia Medica

The app. has a brief and simple 'materia medica', which provides an outline description of some of the main remedies used in homeopathy, and which are available in all homeopathic first aid remedy kits. These kits are available from these homeopathic pharmacies.


The app. has a brief and simple 'repertory' on a variety of common illnesses, ideal for anyone who needs guidance in first-aid, or emergency situations. The repertory points to the most likely homeopathic remedies that can be used for the condition, or the situation.

Find a Homeopath

For more serious or long term conditions, where you do need to consult with a qualified homeopath, the app. also has a direct link to the 'Find a Homeopath' web page. So wherever you are, at home, or at work, or on holiday, the app. will help you find the nearest homeopath for assistance.

So don't be caught out without the app.; certainly don't go to a conventional doctor because it seems quicker or easier; download the app. to your mobile phone right now.