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Monday, 18 February 2019

Medical Science. It does not test new pharmaceutical drugs for side effects that can harm patients!

Since the Thalidomide tragedy of the 1950's and 1960's new drug testing regimes were introduced that would test all new pharmaceutical drugs their efficacy, and their safety. Never again, we were told, would such a tragedy be perpetrated on patients by the drug industry. Drug regulation was to be tightened, and medical science was to be our safeguard against harmful and dangerous drugs.

So since that time all new drugs have been tested, and we have been told that they are both safe and effective. Yet it is undeniably true that many new drugs and vaccines, that have gone through this process of testing, and subsequently prescribed by doctors to patients, have eventually been withdrawn BECAUSE they proved to be ineffective, or harmful and dangerous to patients.

Why should this be? This new evidence should provide one of the answers.

Researchers from the University of York reported in January 2019 that only about 65% of medical drug trial recognise the possibility of side effects, and included them in their reviews.

So conventional medicine is not as safe, and is even more dangerous, than we have been led to believe. The study reviewed 187 research papers undertaken in 2017-2018 and found that only one-third of harmful drug side effects were recorded in medical trials. About 35% of research studies, which are supposed to investigate the safety and effectiveness of pharmaceutical drugs, actually do so. In 8% of the trials they were not set up to study side effects at all, and a further 27% did so only partially.

What this means is that any new pharmaceutical drug coming on to the market cannot be assumed to be safe. Medical science may not even bother to find out. Although patientws have been led to believe that conventional medicine is based on a 'scientific evidence base' this is not necessarily so. Medical science has failed in its primary purpose - to protect patients from harmful drugs.

So when doctors tell us that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are safe they may believe this to be true, but they have been misinformed.

So patients have to be weary - to say the least! Pharmaceutical drugs harm patients through their side effects, and conventional medicine has not even bothered to ensure that medical science has tested new drugs properly.