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Tuesday 12 February 2019

Autism and Vaccines. An exchange on Linkedin. The reason I have got the link all wrong. Apologies to everyone.

This blog has consistently linked Autism with Vaccines. But apparently I have been wrong all the time, so I must apologise, and allow Mike Harris to explain why anyone who blames vaccinations for the autism epidemic are just plain wrong.

It began after I published this comment on Linkedin a few days ago, alongside a link to this webpage from my DIE's (the disease inducing effects of pharmaceutical drugs) website.

AUTISM An illness unknown in 1940’s Now it effects 1 in 58 children in places Autism strikes normal children Only after routine vaccinations do parents become aware Conventional medicine refuses to accept link Parents of healthy children must refuse them

Mike Harris wrote back to inform me that "there is no repeat no evidence linking vaccination with Autism. The reality is that autism has always existed, we just labelled it differently as personality disorder , neurosis etc. We are in the middle of a massive increase in very serious infections which are life altering and life threatening and entirely preventable by vaccination".

I realised that Mike was an apologist for conventional medicine, possibly even a medical fundamentalist (= "I believe in nothing other than medical science"), but for once I broke my rule - to never to engage with such people. I responded mainly because I am always amazed (and angry) when supporters of conventional medicine say that parents of previous generations were so stupid they didn't realise their children were sick, or failing to develop normally.

"Then I think we need to differ! I really think it is stretching things to believe that parents in the 1940's did not notice that their children were not communicating with people normally. And I just wish I knew what this other label was. Moreover, to deny the experience of so many parents who have had children who developed normally until they were vaccinated just beggars belief".

Mike came back to me, quoting his medical qualification, perhaps suggesting that his view was a authoritative pronouncement on our disagreement.

"I am a fully qualified medical practitioner who has been practising psychiatry for the past 43 years. I have no doubt parents did notice their children were different. They would have been differently labelled as behavioural disorder, subnormal, challenging, mute, personality disordered, psychotic, epileptic personality etc. The issue has been present long before vaccination. I’m afraid that posts such as yours are causing huge damage to children who are now becoming seriously ill with entirely preventable diseases. This whole meme started with the disgraced physician from the Royal Free hospital who peddled this dangerous nonsense."

Well, Andrew Wakefield is able to defend himself. But Mike is now saying that its not the vaccines at fault, it's posts like mine that are causing huge damage to children. So I wrote back.

"Dreadful that people like me, a fully qualified homeopath, should listen to parents, and come to the conclusion that they are not telling me lies about their children who were developing normally until they were vaccinated. I must be causing a huge amount of damage, I have noticed all these children who become seriously ill with whooping cough, measles, mumps, et al. Dreadful. And incidentally, don't tell me that vaccines have reduced the incidence of these killer diseases, that reduction was happening, long, long before the vaccines were introduced. I regret that I take an old fashioned view of medicine. I listen to patients, and what they tell me."

And then Mike came back this morning with this devastating insight into what was happening, and why it's not just parents prior to the 1940's who are misguided in their views.

"Steven, of course I’m sure you do listen but to a self selected group who choose to come to you."

So Mike has been kind enough to share his wisdom with me. I fully understand now. My mistake, it would seem, has been to listen to parents and not realise they were a 'self selected' group. Presumably they had a particular axe to grind, an axe that pointed the finger at conventional medicine, so it is they must be singled out for criticism. So I wrote back to Mike, apologising, and informing him that I now knew the error of my ways.

               "Ahhh! I've not heard that one! It's the people I associate with that are getting it wrong. Now I understand. I will let them know! Thanks for the information, and for sharing your wisdom!

So that's Wakefield, me, all parents of autistic children, and presumably anyone who dares to suggest that there is a link between vaccines and autism. And this blog is me, getting in touch with all parents of autistic children, letting them know that they are wrong!

Clearly these misguided parents should not be saying what they are saying, they should be warned that there are people around who KNOW that you are telling lies. After all, as we all know, doctors are always right.

However, I have another apology to make to Mike, and other defenders of conventional medicine. I deeply regret to say that this morning, before I read Mike's final correction, I did send this message on social media after reading a Dr Mercola article on vaccine injuries. I expect Mike will want to put me (and Dr Mercola) right on this too, but I haven't heard from him yet. I will keep you informed!