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Thursday 18 August 2016

Homeopathy and Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT)

Homeopaths routinely treat patients with every imaginable kind of illness and disease. We have done so since the end of the 18th century, safely, effectively and inexpensively.

Deep vein thrombosis (DVT) is just one disease that homeopathy can treat, and indeed, does so regularly, particularly when patients ask us do so after realising that conventional medicine has only harmful and dangerous drugs to use.

This has become an ongoing problem for conventional, drug/vaccine based medicine. Their treatments are largely ineffective, especially over the long-term, often harmful, sometimes dangerous, and increasingly proving to be lethal to some patients.
The problem for conventional medicine, and their supporters, is that they do not want anyone to realise this, and therefore they go to great lengths both to deny it, and to ensure that we do not find out.

One of the primary tasks of this 'Safe Medicine' blog is to inform about the dangers of conventional drugs and vaccines. So it upsets some supporters of conventional medicine, and I am pleased to say, informs and surprises many, many more people.

The other purpose of the blog is to emphasise that safer and more effective medical therapies are available to patients. And again, the conventional medical establishment would prefer that people did not know this either!

Therefore, when I tweeted an article on Deep Vein Thrombosis and Homeopathic Treatment yesterday 17 August 2016), I received a tirade of abuse from 'medical fundamentalists". This is not unusual. I receive abuse from them on a daily basis! Their tweets are immediately junked. Yet the response to this single tweet has been quite extraordinary! Thus far I have received 61 tweets, abusive either to me, to homeopathy, or both!

So immediately I realised I had hit a nerve.  This delighted me. It means that as far as these 'medical fundamentalists' are concerned I am doing my job properly! But it was a surprise to get so much abuse from them. What was it about the treatment of DVT with homeopathy that has triggered such a hostile response. After writing this blog I am going to find out, and write about it! My conclusions will be published to my "Why Homeopathy?" website.

(The link is now active, and gives rise to the question - how can these medical fundamentalists claim the homeopathy can kill as a result of not accepting conventional treatment, when the pharmaceutical drugs for treating DVT are so dangerous)! 

A Case of Phlebitis
Yet I was not entirely surprised at the reaction. When I was practicing homeopathy I treated a woman who suffered with Phlebitis, the inflation of the veins, often cause by a blood clot forming in a vein, so a similar condition to DVT. She had received every kind of conventional medication, yet she continued to suffer considerable pain and discomfort. The condition had been diagnosed by her GP. She her hospital specialist had confirmed the diagnosis. Indeed, she was due to have an operation. Instead I treated her for about 3 months, if I recall, with the remedy Hamamelis Virginiana, after which she was free of pain. She then saw her specialist, who announced to her that homeopathy could not treat the condition, and that the condition must have been 'misdiagnosed'! The operation was cancelled. My patient laughed when she told me about this duplicity. I laughed along with her, but underneath, I quietly seethed. This was all part of the misinformation game, the denial the conventional medicine plays all the time with patients, who are told that only their treatment works (except that it didn't), and no other treatment can work (but homeopathy did)!

As far as the conventional treatment of DVT is concerned, conventional medicine uses only drugs that are dangerous to our health. They are best avoided. And homeopathy can provide a safer, and more effective therapy for patients.