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Friday, 26 August 2016

Health Cuts Proposed Across England. A Bankrupt NHS?

There are three main factors in the failure of the conventional medical system throughout the world, a medicine that has dominated our lives for so many decades.

The first is that conventional medical treatment is ineffective. It fails to make us better. We take the drugs, accept the vaccines, but still the rates of illness and disease within society increases. As a nation, we are not getting better, we sicker now than when the pharmaceutical bonanza started with the free NHS in 1947.

The second is that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, the very basis of conventional medicine, are harmful to patients. They are called 'side effects' or 'adverse reactions', but in fact what they are when  examined more closely, is more illness, and more disease. It is conventional medicine that is actually making us sicker.

The third has perhaps been less obvious, although I have spoken about it often on this blog.

          Medical negligence threaten to bankrupt the NHS
          Crisis grows in British NHS.
          NHS brings down governments.

The latest crisis to hit the NHS is now with us. It is outlined in this BBC article, 26th August 2016.
And I expect most people will be asking for more resources for the NHS, for more of the same ineffective drugs and vaccines, which will go on producing more and more illness and disease, which will increase demands for the same old treatment, more NHS overspends, more demands for resources.

The reaction to this new crisis should be threefold:
  • an investigation into why conventional medicine. that has an annual spend of £120 billion, has been unable to reduce patient demands, and why chronic illness like Autism, Dementia, Diabetes, et al, are constantly on the rise. 
  • It should undertake some comparative studies that look at the performance, particularly the outcomes for patients of conventional medicine, and comparing these with the performance of alternative therapies. 
  • It should look at how alternative medical therapies can be enlisted to help reduce the NHS bill, with treatments that are more effective, which do not cause side effects (hence more illness), and which are less expensive to begin with.
None of this will happen immediately, although it will have to happen eventually. Instead, patients who know no better, and a media that does not want to know better, will force the government, who knows no different, to spend more money on the NHS. Taxpayers will have to put their hands in their pockets, yet again, to spend even more resources on pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines that have failed, are failing us, and will always fail us.

The pharmaceutical drug and vaccine bonanza will continue for a little longer!