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Friday 26 August 2016

Antidepressant drugs have failed

Antidepressants have failed, according to a study undertaken by The Lancet. The study, published on 8th June 2016, provides the following summary.

          "The careful study by Andreas Cipriani and colleagues in The Lancet1 has disturbing implications for clinical practice, concluding as it does that the risk–benefit profile of antidepressants in the acute treatment of depression does not seem to offer a clear advantage for children and adolescents”.

This is not new news, except for the conventional medical establishment, who always cling on ferociously to their failing drugs and vaccines for as long as they can. I wrote about it in February 2012. The ineffectiveness and dangers of antidepressant drugs have been known for a long time now. It has only been the 'risk-benefit' game that doctors play that have saved them, skilfully done by exaggerating the benefits, and discounting the risks.

So if the Lancet headline is that antidepressant drugs have failed, will this be the end of them? This is extremely unlikely. The article itself says that 'there is no cause for therapeutic gloom'. And as with their other failing drugs, notably antibiotics and painkillers, doctors will continue to prescribe them, if only because they have nothing else any more effective or safer to offer patients (and talking therapies cannot cope with the numbers involved).

It is also unlikely that patients on antidepressant drugs will be told. Although this is important information, necessary for any patient who wants to make an informed choice, conventional medicine is well practiced at hiding information they do not want us to know about. It is highly likely that this study will be quickly forgotten.

Moreover, we can now expect the pharmaceutical companies to pay for their own 'science' which will seek to overturn this study. Their cheque-books are large enough to ensure that (so-called) medical science will come up with the findings they are looking for! Antidepressants will be found to be more effective than we thought, and less dangerous too. This is exactly what happened to HRT treatments since they were found to be far too dangerous to prescribe in 2002!

The conventional medical establishment will roll on, regardless of the evidence that they are not treating disease effectively, and are actually causing harm! Iatrogenic disease has never worried them, or indeed taught them anything!

Notwithstanding, the evidence of conventional medical failure is building, bit by bit. There will come a time when some politicians will realise what is happening to conventional medicine, and be brave enough to ask just how much more money conventional medicine needs. There may even come a time when our hapless mainstream media decides to inform its readers, listeners, viewers, about a dominant, almost monopoly system of medicine is failing, and explain to us why it has been allowed to dominate our lives, without question, for so long.