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Wednesday 30 November 2011

Fluoride and Water Supply

Did you know that water companies add fluoride to some of our water supplies? And did you know that all local authorities in the UK have the right to ask them to do so?

And did you know that Fluoride was a poison?

We all need to know more about about Fluoride in our water supplies. A good place to start is to have a look at this article - a good starting point. In it, Dr Mercola speaks to Jeff Green, a long-time campaigner against Fluoride, about the many dangers.

Fluoride is a poison, and one that has not been tested for safety. This may sound amazing - but as this article states, it is true.

Adding Fluoride to the water supply is enforced mass medication. Once it is added, it is difficult for anyone to remove it. This article argues that this violates our constitutional rights. Actually, it violates our human rights, and the ability of people to choose what medication they take, and do not take.

And the good new, at least in the USA, is that those responsible for adding this poison to our water supplies, are now being sued.

Why? The problem is a disease called Fluorosis. This article talks about the disease, and its causes, and its close links with Fluoride, added to the water supplies. In effect, children have been overdosed; and parents have not been told about it.

One reason, the main reason, for adding Fluoride to the water supply is that it help prevent tooth decay. Yet it would appear that even dentists now disagree with this. This article also explains the right local authorities have in respect for adding Fluoride to our water - and our ability to sue them for doing so!

But there are other reasons. One recent Mercola article states that Fluoride in the Pineal Gland, which collects the Fluoride in your body, can cause cancer.

The Conventional Medical Establishment, with the support of the Big Phatma companies, are suspected of favouring mass, enforced medication through our water supply. This Natural News article expresses many of the worries from a US perspective, and suggests that there are plans to add Lithium and Statin drugs to the water supply - on the basis that it is 'good for us'. Of course, it is not.

One important, indeed vital element of any healthy diet is healthy ingredients. Water is one of the main ingredient of any meal, any drink.

So how do you find out whether your water supply has fluoride added to it? Write to your water company, and ask them - in the UK (at least) they are obliged to tell you.