Monday, 7 November 2011

The Failure of Conventional Medicine (3)

The dishonesty of the Conventional Medical Establishment is not widely appreciated or understood. Doctors (GPs) are usually found to be one of the most trusted professions, surely they would not intentionally give us drugs that cause disease and death - would they?

Indeed, most would not, but unfortunately they are at the very end of a long trail of corruption, deceit, and dishonesty that can be found in the following internet articles - although, of course, the mainstream media refuse to report them to us.

How the medical monopoly hides inconvenient vaccines truths is a good place to start.
What is not reported in the media is as important as what is reported. And what has become clear to me over the last few years is that the mainstream media is not interested in providing us with any evidence that runs counter to what conventional medicine wants us to know.

     Media control is highly valued by Big Pharma and other monopolistic cartels. Since the 1970s, centralized media ownership, CIA intervention, and federally sanctioned pharmaceutical advertising have made owning the media easier for Big Pharma.

As Dr Mercola says in this article, for over a century Big Pharma have created and enjoyed a lucrative monopoly in health care. And they have done it by forming alliances with doctors, politicians, and scientists both within and outside government. So it is not just a medical monopoly we fight - it is a government sponsored monopoly. So what happens when people begin to refuse to 'take the medicine'? Government seeks to force them on us. And in doing so, they take our medical liberties away from us, and force medication on us.

The Media speaks for Big Pharma. Well, it certainly does not speak up for patients. Statin drugs are now known to cause many disease-inducing-effects (DIEs), yet the Media not only refuses to tell us about this, they continue to tell us how good they are - now, apparently, they protect us from Prostate Cancer! The mainstream media have become publicists for BigPharma - propagandists who are willing to publish ConMed news releases without comment or criticism - and fearful of printing the truth.

The reason for the silence of Government and the Media is that Big Pharma is very profitable.  The huge profits made from selling drugs are used to ensure that little of nothing is known about the dangers of these drugs. We, and patients throughout the world, are meant to be no more than consumers.

The 'Occupy' movements throughout the world, including at St Paul's in London, are campaigning against the power of Big Corporations, and the influence they have on our daily lives. This video explains why Big Pharma companies are probably the most dangerous of these big corporate groups - threatening not only our health, but increasingly, our health liberties. Whilst banking may be the focus of media attention, it is Big Pharma that has control of our government, and is making enforced medication an ever-increasing possibility.

And Big Pharma does not just want to sell their drugs to you - they want to stop you having access to homeopathy (and any other alternative medical therapy) too. Just look at this article, from the GP magazine, to see how Boots in being attacked by ConMed apologists! The movement to stop us getting access to vitamins and supplements is now operational throughout the world. The monopoly wishes to extend its monopoly.

So let's now have a look at some of the articles about what we are not being told about the health services offered to us by Big Pharma, ConMed, the NHS - and our doctors.

On blood pressure, or hypertension drugs? Then look at this video.

Did you know that overdosing on painkilling drugs have tripled in 10 years?

Has anyone told you that Contraceptive pills are linked to breast cancer?

Recently, we have had 'breast cancer awareness week' - but this article tells you of a darker side. And a more positive side which you are less likely to hear about. Guess which side Big Pharma prescription drugs lay on!

And Antibiotics? Contrary to what we have been told for over 50 years, antibiotics are not all they have said to be (and this is a fairly mild critique)

And has anyone told you that routine hospital treatments can cause heart attacks?

And if you have heart disease, it seems best to steer clear of drugs ConMed gives you to treat it. Especially, it would seem, if you are a dog!

The evidence against vaccines is growing by the day, although you won't realise this if you obtain your information from the mainstream media. The Greater Good is a long video that seeks to take a 'balanced' view of vaccination. If you are thinking of taking, or allowing your children to take any form of vaccines, please, please look at this first!

And so it goes on, a medical monopoly, out of control, but in control of governments and politicians, a monopoly that has little or nothing to do with good health. We are not well-served by this medical monopoly, or its complacent allies in Government and the mainstream Media.

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The Failure of Conventional Medicine