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Wednesday, 30 November 2011

The Failure of Conventional Medicine - Vaccines

Although vaccines appear to be the great hope of Big Pharma for their future profits, there is, in fact, no other single area in which the failure of ConMed can be more convincingly demonstrated. The evidence against vaccination is now so strong, no-one should consider allowing themselves, or their children, to have one.

This article, and the attached videos, outlines 49 sudden deaths, 213 permanent disabilities, and discusses the 'silent plan to poison your child - mostly from the Gardisil-Cervarix vaccines. It also outlines how US Presidential candidates are being supported by Big Pharma companies - and how this money is being used to support political campaigns for mandatory vaccinations.

Death and permanent disability arising from vaccines are regularly reported (although not by governments, mainstream media, or the ConMed Establishment). This should not be surprising, as the ingredients of every vaccine contains 'adjuvents' which are known poisons. This article describes how Thimerosol (Mercury) may have been removed from some vaccines - but has been replaced by Aluminium. Out of the frying pan, into the fire it would appear! And of course, these poisons are being injected into our blood stream, and so transported throughout our bodies.

This article thinks that Big Pharma vaccines now cause more disease than they cure. And perhaps this can no longer be seriously denied. More seriously, it asks questions about the links between vaccines and very serious epidemic illness like AIDs, Gulf War Syndrome (soldiers received multi-vaccines prior to engagement), and much more.

At the moment, it is the flu vaccine that is being pushed as hard as any other. But this article provides evidence that it is largely ineffective for most people, but still quite deadly for many. This does not seem to be a good deal. Morever, if you read this article, it suggests that having a flu shot can risk the health of your brain! Yet there are much simpler alternatives. Vitamin D might be a much safer alternative for flu vaccinations. So what are our doctors telling use? Well, this article appears to suggest to our GPs that the flu vaccine is 'evidence based' - so the advice is likely to remain the same. Continue vaccinating people - regardless of the known consequences.

And what we all need to understand is that the failure of Big Pharma vaccines is not a matter of statistics, it is a huge number of personal tragedies. This 13-year-old girl is now in a 'waking coma' because she was given the Cervarix (HPV) vaccine. Or this well-known journalist who was admitted to hospital within 24 hours of having a vaccination. This Guardian article explains the plight of the journalist - who was trying to protect himself from yellow-fever, apparently.

But vaccines are big business, and the source of big profits for Big Pharma. So more and more vaccines are being offered to us. This article examines the situation in the USA - where children can expect more than 60 separate vaccinations now - all in the name of health!

The time to say 'No, no more' is here. And indeed, an increasing number of people are saying 'No', and this has serious implications for Big Pharma profits.

So how can Big Pharma continue to profit from such vaccines? One way is not to offer them, but to force them on us, whether we want them or not. In this article, it is the children of poor families in Australia who are the target. If these families want to receive their 'Family Tax Benefit' they have to have their children vaccinated - what an awful choice this gives parents. Risk your child's health, or lose financial benefits. Your money and your life? And who profits from this?

The increasing failure of other Big Pharma drugs is also an issue, as this article suggests. Antibiotics, once Big Pharma's great claim to medical competence, are rapidly failing. And they see vaccines as taking over from them.

So why aren't we being told about all this? It would appear that however much damage vaccines cause, however many personal and family tragedies are caused by them, the British media is determined not to tell us about it. Is Big Pharma advertising just too important? Or are the Media Moguls, and the Big Pharma moguls, is concert about what we are, and what we are not allowed to know? I understand, for instance, that James Murdoch is also on the board of a large pharmaceutical company.

Sounds cosy!

The failure of conventional medicine.