Thursday, 13 January 2011

Vaccines are not safe - and they know it

'Vaccines are safe' they tell us - but they are not. And those who say they are safe know quite well that they are not. But what they know is NOT what WE are being told - by government, by the Department of Health, by the NHS, and perhaps worst of all, by our GPs.

Nor are we being told my the mainstream media.

There was an international meeting in Jamaica (3-7th January 2011) to discuss (and I quote)

              'current vaccine science and policy safety concerns'. The meeting was held 'in response to acknowledged significant increases in immune and inflammatory diseases in children and adults, ranging from asthma and neurodevelopment disorders to the emergence of previously rare but serious autoimmune health conditions during the past three decades'.

So here we have evidence that vaccines cause side effects, or DIEs (disease inducing effects), and that the health authorities are aware of it. The report of the meeting continues:

               "The concern of delegates paralleled those of 89% of recently polled parents in the US, who place vaccine safety as their number one medical research priority, while health consumers in other developed countries are also questioning vaccine science and policy"

It it not time that we were told the truth about vaccine safety?

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