Thursday, 27 January 2011

Homeopathy and Mental Health

People suffering from mental health conditions should consider using homeopathy. The rise and rise of mental health problems has been astronomical in recent decades, and represents one of that long list of chronic illness that has increased alongside pharmaceutical drug taking. If anyone doubts that statement, they only have to look at the known (and accepted) adverse reactions to most pharmaceutical drugs, where 'depression' routinely occurs.

The use of homeopathy has been highlighted in two new articles appearing in the e-magazine Hpathy.

The first discusses the amazing prevalence of Mental Health issues, particularly in the USA and the UK, but throughout the developed world. A real epidemic. And it goes on to outline the research that has gone into how homeopathy helps with two conditions, ADHD, and Drug Abuse.

The second article deals with some of the most frequently used homeopathy remedies, and some of their main indications. This article was written by Robert Medhurst, who has considerable experience working with people with mental health problems.

Again, what we see here is a medical condition which is in large measure caused by convention medicine; and which can be treated successfully with homeopathy.