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Thursday 3 June 2010

The Drugging of Children

Natural News has published two shocking articles in 2010 that showed just how far Big Pharma companies will go to sell drugs, to anyone, for any reason, and just how willing ConMed practitioners appear willing to go along with it - regardless of the cost to human health.
The huge financial power of the pharmacology industry dominates the way we look at health and medicine. Governments, national health services, the mainstream media, and large parts of the medical profession, seem determined to make us take ConMed drugs for any reason, at whatever cost, for any illness, and at any age.
These articles focus on infants and children, and so-called 'psychiatric' illness. Much the same can be written about any disease, any age-group, and is certainly not restricted to ConMed practice in the USA.... 
So please read these two recent Natural News features.
It is time to call a halt to this dangerous nonsense, and more, to challenge the conspiracy of silence in the mainstream media on these matters. There appears to be nothing that will prevent drug companies inventing ‘diseases’, exaggerating disease, and then selling dangerous drugs to an unsuspecting public, who are told virtually nothing by the mainstream media.
There are alternative ways to treating young children, who may (or may not) have mental health problems, which are both more effective, less expensive, and certainly much safer. Indeed, most homeopaths find it easier to deal with children, who generally have not be subjected to so many ConMed drugs, despite the increasing number of ‘routine’ vaccinations they are subjected to. For a consultation with a homeopath, go to