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Saturday 26 June 2010

Cancer and Homeopathy (3)

Homeopathy cures are often life-changing, ‘eureka’  moments. It was for me, someone who once believed that conventional medicine was effective and safe, and that it was capable of curing disease. It was just the same for Vaikunthanath Das Kaviraj, who has subsequently authored the brilliant book 
"Homoeopathy for Farm and Garden: towards a homeoeopathic agriculture' (Mark Moodie Publications, Gloucester. ISBN 0-9517890-5-8)'
and has become a leading expert on how homeopathy can help to enhance the growth of plants, and to remedy diseases in plants. This is his story, in his own words.
In the summer of 2005 I developed prostate cancer which was extremely painful. It felt like a knife was sticking in there and when urinating, the knife would go hot, like fire, and be twisted. I, of course, tried to find the remedy, but however much I tried, I failed. So ... it got so bad, I could no longer even think properly. This made me think of the remedy Conium, which did help a little for about 2 weeks.
In December 2005 I was lying down on the couch and prayed to God that if you want me to die, let it happen quickly. Then one day one of my students came at the door, who asked me what was the matter - she had not seen me in months... I explained and she said I should go to the hospital, to see what was the matter. 
I have no health insurance - I have always treated myself successfully and see absolutely no need to pay for a non-service. She told me she knew of a hospital in Amsterdam, where I was living at the time, where people go who have no papers, no insurance and no legality. 
So we went there and they took a sample of my urine, which was full of gram-negative bacteria, nitrates and cells they "could not identify"... So I said that she need not beat around the bush and tell me the truth - I had cancer. She admitted this and proceeded to tell me her regime of allopathic poisons she wanted to administer to me.
I asked her if she knew about their side effects... She admitted she did not. I told her she was not qualified to prescribe if she was ignorant about the effects of her medicine!. She asked what I would do instead. I told her I would see a homoeopath. She thought this was not very wise! 
From the nitrates identified by the tests I already knew what remedy to use - Nitric acid. So I went home again and took the first dose of 12x. Within 5 minutes, the pain was gone and I could finally urinate properly. Over the course of the next 6 weeks, I took 3 doses of Nit Ac, and 2 doses of Carcinosin in-between.
I was feeling so well, I went back to the hospital for a check-up. They could not find anything at all - not by testing, not by taking x-rays, and not by echo scan. The doctor asked what I had taken. I told her Nitric acid and Carcinosin. The Nitric acid she could understand - more or less - but not the Carcinosin, especially when I told her the remedy I used was made of 58 different cancers. 
"Oh, maybe we misdiagnosed" was her reply. 
I was glad not to have taken her poisons! I just walked out of the office, laughing to myself. They always have some excuse to deny that homoeopathy works and can cure people with  cancer.
ConMed never recommends homeopathy for people suffering cancer, even if they recognise that they cannot treat it themselves. They appear to be unwilling to accept that homeopathy can treat people with cancer, or even to consider the possibility that it might when presented with a case like this. Indeed ConMed (and the homeophobes who have already responded to this series of blogs) go to great lengths to explain how and why it just cannot do so. Worse, their allegedly ‘scientific‘ minds do not accept that such personal experiences are worth further investigati0n!
ConMed is dominated by medical fundamentalists who go to great lengths to explain why homeopathy cannot possibly work. Indeed, many respond with a hatred of homeopathy that can only be described as homeophobia! So they call homeopaths ‘witches’, they call remedies ‘sugar pills’, they dismiss the results we obtain as ‘placebo’, they denigrate homeopathic education; and they try to deny patients access to homeopathy through the NHS.