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Tuesday 29 June 2010

Cancer and Homeopathy (4)

One reason for this series of blogs is to demonstrate that ConMed apologists will not acknowledge the personal experiences of people diagnosed with cancer, and who have got better after homeopathic treatment. Imagine the kind of hype that the Big Pharma companies would come up with if they were able to come up with that sort of outcome that Kevin Morris experienced! They would be claimng the discovery of a 'wonder drug', selling it for enormous amounts, and saying they were on the way to being able to treat cancer successfully.
Homeopathy makes no such claims. But examples like the 3 given in this blog do suggest that people with cancer, certainly those who have been given up on by ConMed, should seek the individualised treatment offered by Homeopathy.

Moreover, the mainstream media would be reporting it as front page news! Kevin has written a book about his experience, and no-one is interested in publishing it! His attitude is simple, as implied by the title of his book - “It’s only a disease - how I fought cancer and won”, but as he says, the subject of recovering from cancer using alternative treatment is generally embargoed by the mainstream media.
This is a very short version of what happened to him, 12 years ago, in his own words.
In July 1998, and after at least a year of seriously ill health, I visited my GP who said he thought I had cancer, and arranged for me to undergo the usual tests. Early, and after two days spent having blood transfusions in order to get me fit enough, in early August 1998, it was found that my left kidney had 15 1/2 centimetre tumours. I was told  later that month that there was an 80% or 90% chance of another tumour, either at the same site, and/or secondaries tumours elsewhere. I had a scan on 21st December that highlighted a new 4 centimetre tumour. I was then offered four options:
* Hormone therapy
* Interferon
* Interleukin
I was told that, in my oncologist's opinion, my tumour would not respond, and that therefore these treatments would only be ‘palliative’.
The fourth option was to 'Do nothing’. I was told that I might not live as long but that my quality of life would be better.
I told him that this was my preferred option. When he warned me that I was likely to be seriously ill quite soon, and in need of pain relief and/or drugs to treat the resultant cachexia, I told him I was seeing a homoeopath.
In his letter to my GP he stated, “Mr Morris has decided to explore some homeopathic options and I feel we must respect him in this”, or words to this effect.
I have not been to hospital since - except to visit friends, About two weeks after this meeting, my homoeopath prescribed Nat Carb 10m, a remedy which she has used with great success in terminal cancer cases. In just a few days afterwards I knew I would recover, and I happily told those I knew of my belief. Needless to say, most of them thought I was mad!
Kevin is now studying to become a homeopath, and he wants people to know about his experience so that other people are able to make informed choices. He shares my deep concern about the censorship imposed on such information by the mainstream media, a censorhip that means most people do not realise that there are good, effective, and safe alternatives to ConMed drugs for the treatment of all diseases.

What is, perhaps, more concerning is that ConMed practitioners do not usually tell their 'terminal' patients that an alternative treatment is available, or suggest that (as they can do nothing) they might like to try it.

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