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Tuesday 6 October 2009

The Search for Safe Medicine

The objective of this blog, since it began in 2009, has been to raise issues of patient safety, and the urgent need for us to identify safer medical therapies when we become ill.

This blog discusses current medical issues, and compares and contrasts the different medical therapies that can be used when we are sick. In doing so it concerns itself with two main strands of discussion.

          1. The growing and incontrovertible evidence that conventional medicine, based on pharmaceutical drugs, is dangerous, and considerably more dangerous than we are told, and most people recognise.

          2. The comparative effectiveness and safety of homeopathy, and other traditional medical therapies that work gently alongside the body, rather than in opposition to it.

If national governments, national health services, the big pharmaceutical drug companies, and the mainstream media were prepared to publish the truth about conventional medicine this blog would be entirely unnecessary. 

As it is, the 'official' line is quite consistent: that conventional drugs and vaccines are entirely safe, and are winning the battle against disease.

This is entirely untrue. In fact, the conventional medical system is constantly in crisis, failing to make patients better, and causing illness from drug side effects. If you would like to discover why this is, follow this blog so that you can be routinely informed about new blogs as they appear.

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