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Thursday 8 December 2022

The Myths of Conventional Medical Success. The Covid-19 Pandemic - the history is being written NOW

Around the world the fiasco of the Covid-19 vaccines is becoming apparent, at least outside the conventional medical establishment. Over 12 billion doses of these vaccines have been injected into people. An in countries where vaccination rates are higher the worse the Covid-19 situation has become. This has been apparent for some months - Covid-19 cases have been rising where vaccination rates are high, but the upward trend did not happen in less heavily rates apply, like Africa. Africa has had fewer vaccinations, fewer cases, fewer hospitalizations, and a lower death rates.

The problem faced by the 'advance' or 'developed' world has been that it could afford to vaccinate more people, for free. The advantage of less developed areas has been that it could not do so. 

  • Where there has been mass vaccination, there has been a pandemic!
  • Where there has been no mass vaccination, the 'pandemic' has not happened!

This is not a new or unusual situation. We have been brought up to believe that vaccines are safe and effective. They are not - and they never have been. I have written before on the myths of vaccine success, about smallpox, about polio, and about measles

Now I suspect we will soon be hearing that the awful Covid-19 pandemic was also ended because of the success of the vaccines! The lie is already being told.

Since writing these three blogs I have discovered another book on the subject, "The Poisoned Needle: Suppressed Facts about Vaccination". It was written by Eleanor McBean. What makes this book even more interesting is that it was written in 1957. So for polio and measles it was a contemporaneous account of what was happening, both with the polio vaccines, and the early days of the measles vaccines. It is not an historical document. For that reason alone it is worth reading, and what is demonstrated is that at the very time that smallpox and measles were (allegedly) being overcome by vaccines, many doctors (many quoted in the book) were very clearly contradicting the propaganda of the conventional medical establishment.

We are often told that history is written by the victorious, and so provides us with a sectional account of what actually happened. Vaccines were not victorious, with smallpox, polio or measles, but conventional medical propaganda most certainly was. Before reading the McBean book I had little or no idea that there was so much opposition to the vaccines at that time.

Yet the same message comes across as is happening now with Covid-19. 

    * The vaccines were exacerbating the problem.

    * It was not until vaccination programmes declined, and people began to refuse the vaccines, that the diseases began to decline, and were brought under control.

The same thing has happened with the Covid-19 pandemic (as I predicted it would in a blog in early 2020). The Covid-19 vaccines have been an unmitigated disaster; they have not prevented the vaccinated contracting the disease; or transmitting it; or being hospitalised; or dying. 

Indeed, they made all these outcomes far worse.

Yet this is not the message coming from governments, from conventional medical authorities, or from the mainstream media. The pandemic is in steep decline, and entirely unsupported and uncorroborated, statements are being made about the "success" of the vaccines role in this decline. There is no evidence for making these claims; indeed all the evidence is suggesting quite the opposite.

    So what will the outcome be? 

    Who will write the history of the Covid-19 pandemic? 

    Will it be the evidence that the pandemic was exaggerated, that the vaccine did not stop it, that the vaccine caused more patient reports of harm than any other previous vaccine, or drug? 

Or will pharmaceutical propaganda be able to persuade future generations that the vaccines saved us?

This Medscape article (part of the conventional medical establishment), entitled "Opposition to vaccines has a long history" states that opposition to vaccine started in the 1860's, against the smallpox disease.

            "To fight this disease, countries implemented the first set of laws ever to mandate vaccination. "When vaccination becomes a political matter, resistance to vaccination does as well. And so, from 1860 to 1870, we see anti-vaccination leagues being established - the first of which appear in England." These leagues against "vaccine tyranny" came about following the United Kingdom's Vaccination Act of 1853, which required infants to be vaccinated against smallpox within 3 months of being born. The smallpox vaccine did not become mandatory in France until 1902, which was "quite late." 

There is little doubt that Covid-19 has been a significant event in the minds and experience of most people. People were offered the vaccines, many took it. They were the offered another dose, but fewer took it. They were offered boosters; but take up declined with each one. People learnt, just as people learnt about the harm caused by other vaccines

But what will history say, who will write the story? Whether the significance of Covid-19 will be sufficient to persuade enough people to challenge conventional medical wisdom (propaganda) is another matter. The conventional medical establishment will not admit that the vaccines they promoted caused harm. The drug companies made too much money from them to do so. Governments gave too many assurances for too long about the safety and effectiveness of the vaccines, as did the entire mainstream media. 

To admit that the were wrong would be just too embarrassing for any of them; they will stick to their narrative, and seek to write the narrative into our history books.

So what they will all do is what what they have always done. They will deny that they are wrong, they will stick to their narrative, regardless of the available evidence. They continue to repeat the same message - the vaccines are safe and effective. And they will hope that they have enough control over the information that we receive to ensure that, as the events fade from our memory, we will only see and believe the 'history' they will write.

It is our task to ensure they are not successful.