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Thursday 8 December 2022

A Christmas Turkey? The impact of the veterinary 'treatment' of Bird Flu!

If you are having difficulty buying a turkey this Christmas you might want to ask a simple, but important question.

Why do we cull flocks of birds who have a simple infection?

Conventional medicine, for both humans, animals and birds, has a serious problem with infections. And if you are struggling to find a Turkey for Christmas this year, and/or are amazed at the increased cost of doing so, you are, like so many others, experiencing the consequences of this fundamental medical failure. First, ask yourself this question.......

What sort of medicine would actually kill its patients, and then have the audacity to call this 'treatment', and describe what it does as ‘medicine’?

In veterinary medicine the culling of patients often happens; too often. And it happens with illnesses and diseases that are relatively mild, and from which most of the patients will recover in time.

Avian or Bird Flu: where flocks of birds (including turkeys this year) are forced to live indoors because being outside, in the open air, able to move around freely, is thought to be too dangerous by veterinary medicine! And then all the birds are culled if just one of them becomes ill.

Foot and Mouth: where herds of cattle are routinely slaughtered, considered unfit for human consumption, and buried and burnt in mass graves.

TB: Not only are herds of cattle slaughtered if one of their number is tested for TB, but badgers too are culled because they are thought to cause it (although there is little or no evidence for this).

I wrote more about the 'medical' practice of killing here in 2020.

First, do no harm! Allegedly this is the first principle of conventional medicine, although it is routinely ignored. What more harm can medicine do than to slaughter its patients, to do so intentionally, and to kill them in the name of 'medical treatment'?

I have been arguing that pharmaceutical medicine has been failing for over 15 years now - and surely there is no better demonstration of medical failure than by 'treating' sick patients by killing them?

What sort of medicine would even think about doing such a thing?
    * A medical system that has no alternative, no effective treatment (as otherwise they would surely use it)?
    * A medicine that has little or no understanding of natural immunity, and so does not include it in the treatment strategy?
    * A medicine that is allowed to discount the real costs of its ‘treatment’
             - to the birds
             - to the cost of food (even during a period of super-inflation)
             - where the cost is charged is made only against taxpayers!

Yet there is a further issue. Infections also provide pharmaceutical medicine (of which veterinary medicine is part) with a huge business opportunity, usually via the sale of vaccines. Their strategy is always the same: create as much fear about the illness or disease as possible: then persuade us that only pharmaceutical drugs/vaccines can save us from disaster; and offer them to patients, courtesy of the public purse, free of charge.

Conventional medicine has, to date, resisted resorting openly to this lethal treatment for human patients. However, the strategy remains similar when compared to veterinary treatment.

    * a costly fear campaign, based in the fact the conventional medicine has no safe or effective treatment,
    * hygiene is considered the first essential response in order to kill the infection,
    * lockdown, keeping flocks indoor, in conditions that are both unnatural and unhealthy for the patient,      * then introducing treatments, however dubious; and if they do not work, or if they kill the patient, blame the infection rather than the treatment.

We should all be aghast at the inability of pharmaceutical medicine to cope with bird flu; its lack of treatment, it use of fear and panic to obtain compliance to useless and dangerous treatments. Just as with our recent experience with Covid-19, which imposed severe mental, social and economic losses, especially for the most vulnerable. 

Nor was the virus responsible for the harm. The damage to people's health, the uprooting of people's lives and livelihoods, the destruction of the national economy, especially for the less well-off, have all been caused by the medically driven policies used to deal with the virus - NOT THE VIRUS ITSELF.

Covid-19 will have longer-term consequences too - medically-driven government policies are threatening the ideals of patient choice, health freedom, and personal liberty generally. But at least humans were not culled - except that the Covid-19 vaccines are now known to have killed many thousands people around the world.

Conventional medicine is deeply paternalistic in its attitude towards patients, whether human, animal or avian. The "we-must-save-your-life" attitude of conventional medicine, supported by government; and the utter and complete compliance of the mainstream media in promoting these government/medical policies, is all aimed at taking away personal responsibility. And uppermost in these policies is the utter failure to inform us about how exercise, good diet, and living in good environmental conditions, and much more, can to support and strengthen the immune systems of patients against infections.

So the only living creatures that get a worse deal that humans when faced with an infection are birds and animals. So we can perhaps be thankful that humanity has not been culled as a 'medical' response to relatively mild infections. We just have to put up with a shortage of Turkeys at Christmas, a small price to pay, however expensive the remaining birds might be!

It is often said that "Turkeys do not vote for Christmas". This is probably so. But with equal certainty they would never vote for the medical system that is tasked to look after their health!