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Tuesday 26 April 2022

Pharmaceutical Medicine - a Faustian Deal?

Is Conventional (or Pharmaceutical medicine) a Faustian bargain? The legend of Doctor Faustus arises from German folk law, Faust making an agreement to surrender his soul to an evil spirit (The Devil, Satan or Mephistopheles) in exchange for otherwise unattainable knowledge, and magical powers, that provided him with access to all the world’s pleasures. In the bargain Faust recognises the evil of the bargainer but goes along with the deal anyway. Faustian bargains always end in tragedy because what is surrendered (the soul, or good health and well-being) is ultimately far more valuable than what has been obtained (worldly pleasures, or short-term health benefits).

Pharmaceutical drug treatment provides minor, short-term health benefits; but the cumulative adverse drug reactions usually leads to the patient having to take more and more, or stronger (more toxic) drugs in order to cope with the side effects of previous treatments. I have written about two such patient who entered, unknowingly, into such a deal.

Both Ronald and Janet can be seen to have traded their long-term health and well-being in exchange for some temporary relief from pain, leading to chronic health outcomes. One drug leads to another drug which leads to another. They all cause 'side effects' more serious than the original condition. The Faustian deal was not a good, long-term deal for either of them. There are so many other similar examples. Any one of us can find them amongst our own family, friends, and acquaintances.

Conventional medicine offers these Faustian packages all the time. When anyone enters a doctor's surgery, or a hospital, and accepts a pharmaceutical drug the deal is made. 

  • The patient is usually told that the drug, or drugs, are 'safe', and he/she is too often feeling too ill to check; or they implicitly trust their doctor. 
  • For his/her part the doctor is usually less than transparent. They are aware of the limited, short-term benefits of the drugs they prescribe, as well as the serious longer-term adverse reactions they can cause; but this knowledge is usually not shared.

In all these Faustian medical deals, the doctors are fully aware of the nature and possible consequences of the deal, but the patient is not, and rarely associates their declining health with the drugs they are taking.

There have been two main outcomes:

  1. It is the reason for the staggering increase in chronic disease, particularly since the 1950's, when we began our love affair (our Faustian deal) with pharmaceutical drugs, and began to believe without question the propaganda of the drug companies, whose message to us continues to be that their drugs were winning the war against illness and disease. Any cursory examination into our health, and the rise and rise of chronic disease during the last 70 years, demonstrates clearly that this is not so. 
  2. Faustian health packages are also the fundamental reason for the ongoing crisis in national health services around the world, including the UK's NHS. The last 70 years has seen an astronomical increase in pharmaceutical drug taking, Faustian deals that ensured that patients like Ronald and Janet got sicker, in need of increasing amounts of medical intervention. The current NHS crisis, both in funding, waiting lists and staff morale, is being blamed on the Covid-19 pandemic. My blog, during the last 12 years, has clearly shown that the current crisis is an ongoing crisis that has been worsening over the years.

Indeed, the Covid-19 pandemic can be seen as yet another Faustian deal - a manufactured virus, an exaggerated crisis, the adoption of panic public health measure (masks, lockdown, et al) - responses that not only failed but actually made matters worse. Then, of course, there was the long wait for vaccines that were supposed to save us, but did not work - they neither prevented the virus, or stopped its transmission. And their side effects have yet to be recognised by the conventional medical establishment, for obvious reasons.

The devil, once again, refused to reveal what the Covid-19 package was doing to Doctor Faustus! And Satan continues to do his best to ensure that he does not find out!

So when you are offered a Faustian medical deal, please make sure you refuse it! 

Instead, discover what good diet, exercise, and safe natural medical therapies can do for you instead.