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Friday, 16 July 2021

The Body is an Organism not a Mechanism. This is why Conventional Medicine has got it wrong! The important role of Natural Immunity to Health and Well-Being.

The human body is an organism not a mechanism. When dealing with our health this is an important distinction. The body is living, vibrant and adaptable; it grows and develops. If we look after it well it will keep itself fit and healthy. It thrives and is enhanced by exercise and activity. It is naturally programmed to respond to threats to health and our well-being. All it asks in return that we nurture and look after it sensibly.

Machines are quite different, they do not have the same abilities and characteristics. They do not grow and develop, they cannot look after themselves. We must look after them. They have no ability to fend for themselves, they require our regular input and attention. When we over-use them they wear out, they become less efficient; separate parts fail and need to be replaced.

This is what conventional medicine has forgotten about health and well-being. Their entire modus operandi clearly demonstrates that they treat the human body is a machine; it cannot look after itself, it can be maintained or enhanced only through regular medical input:

  • health comes from a bottle of pharmaceutical pills, forcing the body to behave correctly,
  • vaccines are the only way to combat germs and infections,
  • our body parts wear out and have to be surgically removed and replaced.

This is why conventional medicine has got things so fundamentally wrong; it is why chronic disease has been increasing for decades, now running at epidemic levels, and spiralling out of control the more we use and spend on pharmaceutical medical treatment.

This is why conventional medicine is unable to cope with epidemics: why thousands of people have died, or become very sick with Covid-19; why hugely restrictive public health policies have caused devastating social, economic and personal harm; and why it has failed, and continues to fail; why such uncertainty and fear remains about life ever returning to normal again.

The vast majority of people who have relied upon, and suffered the failure of conventional medicine's treatments, are understandably confused. Covid-19 has led to 18 months plus of hardship, in one form or another. We have been told to wash our hands, to wear masks, to keep social distance, to isolate and quarantine, to lockdown on all social activities. In general we have complied; and at the time of writing we are on our third wave of the virus.

Our confusion is heightened when we are told that conventional medical science now understands the workings of the human body in a way that was impossible 200 years ago. For instance, where once we knew little about the circulation of blood around the body, we now have intimate knowledge about how the blood circulates. Medicine now has a minute understanding about how the heart, liver, kidneys and other organs work.

So it is puzzling that, despite this incredible knowledge of the workings of the human body, medical science has not been able to resolve the problem of ill-health and disease; that conventional medicine has been able to do little to reduce the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic. Why should this be?

There is a fundamental reason. Conventional medical science does indeed know a lot about the mechanics of the human body; but it has failed to understand the principles of maintaining health, and curing illness and disease. And this is largely because it treats the body as a machine.

  • If the carburettor in a motor car is faulty - replace it. After all, it’s a machine, and one carburettor works just like any other.

So when conventional science informs doctors about what the healthy human body it has an apparently simple solution. It can identify what is should, and should not be happening; so restoring health is to force the body back into compliance with what is considered to be normal - to make it do what it should be doing.

  • Pain? Get rid of it, kill it; with painkillers
  • Limb pain? Heart disease? Replace it, transplant a new limb or a new organ.
  • High Blood Pressure? Reduce it with drugs.
  • Cholesterol causing heart problems? Reduce cholesterol levels with Statin drugs.
  • Threatened by bacterial infection? Kill the bacteria with antibiotic drugs.
  • Subject to a viral attack? Chase the virus, hunt it down; or avoid it, run away; lockdown.

These are mechanical 'solutions' that might work if the human body was a machine, but which are almost inevitably ineffective. Indeed, they are positively harmful - once it is understood that the body is an organism

This reflects the fundamental difference between conventional medicine and natural medical therapies. The former sees the body as a machine that has to be forced back into health. The latter asks what is causing the body to be in pain, or what has caused high blood pressure, or high levels of cholesterol, and why the body has succumbed to a viral/bacterial infection.

  • It is these causal questions that has led natural medical therapies to safe and effective solutions.
  • It is the failure to answer (or even ask) these question that has to the ongoing failure of conventional medicine to deal with sickness and disease.

The Covid-19 pandemic should bring the difference between treating a 'mechanism' and an 'organism' more sharply into focus? 

  • Why did conventional medicine have no effective treatment for Covid-19 at the start of the pandemic, or now? 
  • Why did it decide to "chase the virus", only for it to be quite clearly be outrun and out-thought by the virus, and its alleged 'variants'?
  • Why does conventional medicine pay so little attention to the potential healing power of our bodies, to resist and help us to cope with the virus?
  • Why were we told that only a new vaccine would keep us healthy, and return us to normal life when the means of doing so was within us all the time'? 
And, in particular, why has conventional medicine forgotten about the importance of natural immunity? It knows so much about the intricate details of the working of the body; yet now it does not realise that our immune system is designed to enable us not only to live with viruses, but to help us avoid and cope with illness, and promote our well-being. 
  • If conventional medicine had been willing to work with the body as an organism doctors would have been telling the public about natural immunity, the way we could support and strengthen our immune system, and how it can protect us from the virus. Sadly it has rarely been mentioned.
  • If it had spent more time paying attention to the body's own defences we would not have had to spend £$billions on ventilators, intensive care, on ineffective drugs with serious side effects, or develop new, expensive and inadequately tested vaccines.
  • Instead it could have identify people with a compromised immune system, and who were most at risk of Covid-19. Such a policy would have focused attention on the vulnerable, those with 'underlying health conditions', whilst allowing the less vulnerable to get on with their lives, livelihoods, education, et al.

What natural medical therapists have done during the pandemic is what they always do - they have placed bacterial and viral infections into a natural rather than a mechanical perspective. We live with these 'germs' all the time; we always have done - long before we knew they existed. Most of the germs that cause human epidemics are not naturally dangerous. But when they come into contact with a host that is vulnerable they thrive, multiply, and cause a problem for that host.

In other words germs thrive on ‘poor soil’, that is, from a host that has become unable to cope with them. When germs find a vulnerable host they thrive, they cause major epidemics kill massive numbers of people. Throughout history epidemics have killed the weakest, and sickened to the weaker amongst. The only protection is a strong and healthy host - not pharmaceutical drugs or vaccines.

Major epidemics have always killed massive numbers of people. Yet even the very deadliest epidemics (the Black Death of 1346, the Great Plague of 1665, the plethora of 19th century epidemics, the Spanish flu of 1919) did not kill everyone. The fittest have always survived. The task of medicine is, or should have been, supporting and strengthening the natural immunity of the weaker.

The secret to "the survival of the fittest" has never been paternalist governments intent on saving everyone. It has always been natural immunity. It has never been vaccines. Vaccines have never worked (see, for example, the failure of vaccines to treat measles). The current focus on so-called "vaccine-immunity" has arisen only because vaccines are immensely profitable for the immensely rich, influential and powerful pharmaceutical industry. The message 'only a vaccine can save us' is little more than medical promotion and propaganda.

To the contrary it is not profitable for drug companies to encourage people to support and strengthen their immune system.

Indeed, the impact that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines have on natural immunity might be the leading reason for the conventional medical establishment (CHE) being so intent on stopping us thinking too much about its importance. Most of those with the weakest natural immunity are those whose immune systems have been heavily compromised by pharmaceutical drug treatment.

It is definitely downright unprofitable for CHE to ask the question - why is Covid-19 killing people with 'underlying health problems' when it is realised that 'underlying health problems' are often caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines. Or when conventional medicine uses "immuno-suppressant therapy" to treat conditions such as cancer, and those with limb and organ transplants.

The failure of conventional medicine arises from this fundamental flaw in their understanding of health and well-being. It treats with organism with "anti-" drugs that "Block", "Inhibit", and Kill"  the normal functioning of the body. The function of these drugs is given away in the generic names of these drugs. 

This is why conventional medicine has little or nothing that works alongside the organism, little that enables and promotes harmony and health. This is why it has had little to offer us during this pandemic. This is why so many people are confused.

We have obeyed all the rules. 

Large numbers have accepted the vaccine. 

Yet normal life is still not returning. 

So is it any wonder that people are confused!