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Monday, 15 February 2021

TWITTER CENSORSHIP! A social media platform that does not allow questions to be asked of their powerful friends.

My Twitter account was suspended at the weekend. It's open again now, but perhaps not for long as Twitter does not allow questions to be asked of their powerful friends! Apparently I have "violated the policy on spreading misleading and potentially harmful information related to Covid-19". Me? Surely not! How did I manage to do this?

Well, first I referenced an article in the Greek City Times, "Nurse partially paralysed after second Covid-19 shot in Corfu". I did not write, or publish this article in the Greek City Times. The article is just one of the many thousands of articles that are appearing, regularly, in newspapers around the world, and on social media, telling of the harm being caused by the Covid-19 vaccine. Here are the introductory remarks, so please read them. 

Do they sound like misinformation, potentially harmful information? Is it not information that the public needs to in order to make an informed decision about the Covid-19 vaccines?

        "A 42-year-old woman suffered paralysis of the lower body after receiving the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. According to preliminary information, the nurse at the hospital on the island of Corfu has developed symptoms closely matching with the autoimmune neurological Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome after receiving the second COVID-19 vaccination jab.

Guillain-BarrĂ© syndrome (a rare neurological disease in which the body’s immune system attacks the nerves, causing the patient to become paralysed and numb – usually in the arms and legs). The mother of two, who is now in a wheelchair, has reportedly no previous underlying health issues.

Health experts are scrambling to investigate whether the event is connected to the vaccine, a side effect not known until now. The case was revealed on Thursday morning by the president of Hospital workers union POEDIN Michalis Giannakos. It was also confirmed by the general director of the 6th Health Care Department in charge of the Peloponnese and the Ionian islands, Giannis Karvelis.

        “She was in perfect health, it is certainly a side effect of the vaccine,” POEDIN president told OPEN TV.

So I posted the link to the article so that my followers, and the general public generally could read it. It's surely one of the things social media allows us to do. There is not hate speech, no abusive language, nothing in the article to offend. It is just information from what sounds like reliable medical staff, interviewed by a Greek newspaper, and accurately reported. The article even made the point that the link with Covid-19 vaccines had not been established.

The mainstream media (MSM) does not carry such news. They also  dismiss such information as 'misinformation' and 'fake news' - perhaps something Twitter have caught from them. Remember, this is just one report among thousands about the reported harm being caused by the Covid-19 vaccines. Few have been mentioned in the MSM, so most of the public does not know either. But the MSM is telling us  the Covid-19 vaccines are safe, with reservation or caveat.

So perhaps Twitter took exception to the words I wrote alongside the link, which were as follows:

            "Please, MSM, if this (and many other similar reports) is 'disinformation', or 'fake news', can you let us all know your reasons for thinking this is NOT true?"

So I was asking the MSM, and the conventional medical establishment, whether this information, about a healthy nurse now partially paralysed, was true or not. It is a request for information, for clarification. It is not hate speech, it is not abusive - it is asking that the information is not ignored or denied, that it is either confirmed, or the 'misinformation' explained. That's all!

What does matter is that thousands of reports of patient harm caused by the Covid-19 vaccines are being routinely ignored, both by government, conventional medicine, the MSM, or even Twitter (who after all seem to have assumed that any criticism of Covid-19 vaccines is 'misinformation').

So whilst the public is being told Covid-19 vaccines are entirely safe, this is NOT borne out by any of these reports of patient harm. They cannot both be true. It is NOT good enough that they are all summarily dismissed as 'fake news' without further investigation. The public are entitled to the truth, to an explanation, to know whether this and other similar reports are true, or untrue, and whether there is a connection with the Covid-19 vaccines.

That is ALL my Twitter feed asked, a question. It should not have led to the suspension of my account.

Yet this is exactly what happened to me, and is happening to others too. The public is being told, ad infinitum, that Covid-19 vaccines are entirely safe; and that any report suggesting they are not safe is 'disinformation'. Those of us who want an explanation, and an investigation, are receiving no explanation. Instead we are routinely dismissed as 'anti-vaxxers' spreading 'disinformation'.

A bad explanation is one thing; at least it starts a discussion, a debate. No explanation is quite another matter; perhaps there is no explanation; perhaps there is a cover up of something unsavoury. It raises suspicions that the 'vaccines are safe' message is untruthful.

So Twitter's reaction says more about the conventional medical establishment (of which Twitter must now be considered an integral part) than it does about my tweet. Something is wrong when there is such blatant censorship of simple questions; when asking a simple question is dismissed as "misleading and potentially harmful" with no investigation or explanation.

It matters not to me that my Twitter account was suspended. Clearly Twitter is unable to distinguish between a question and information; and when it considers a questions to be 'misinformation' Okay, so they want to prevent their powerful friends (Big Pharma) being asked awkward questions. Okay, they have threatened me with exclusion. My response to Twitter is one of contempt, not reconciliation.


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