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Friday, 12 February 2021

Covid-19. The Undermining of our personal freedom and liberty by government policy

This is a proforma letter, written by a lockdown sceptic, who has given permission for other people to use it. If you feel that our personal freedom and liberty is being unnecessarily sacrificed by government reaction to the Covid-19 pandemic (for all the reasons I have argue in other blog posts here) please feel free to write to your MP, or similar.

"I would like to be succinct and to the point, so I present to you a series of questions that I want you to consider carefully.
1) Are you feeling comfortable about the way things are going? Any sense of disquiet? Any worries that you might just be a participant in the biggest tyranny ever enacted in a previously free, liberal, democracy?

2) Do you have any sense that the absolute powers currently being wielded under the auspices of the 1984 Public Health Act are disproportionate to the threat, bereft of any mechanism of oversight, and in complete contradiction to the actual laws of the land and legal mechanisms established over centuries?

3) Are you comfortable with the increasingly maniacal power grabs of certain individuals within Government, in particular the Health Secretary, who seemingly has no regard for the actual health of the nation or what the word “health” even means in the wider context of mental, physical, emotional and social health. In the context of humanity?

4) Are you comfortable with the persons wielding this absolute power being enthralled to a small subset of unelected and unaccountable “Scientists”, whose models reside in crystal ball territory and whose paymasters are intertwined with powerful pharmaceutical lobbies?

5) Are you comfortable with the trashing of the economy, the destruction of jobs and businesses and the wreckage of lives both young and old?

6) Are you happy for your children to live in a country where they have no automatic rights to education, no freedom of association with their friends and peers, no pleasures of leisure time to enjoy – pubs, cinemas, leisure centres, bowling alleys, theatres, live music, travel – all gone?

7) Are you comfortable with forced quarantines of the healthy in holding facilities, and criminal sanctions up to and including long prison sentences against ordinary members of the public who choose to take a holiday? Are you comfortable that such sanctions are selective, as presumably they won’t apply to certain sectors of the population such as truck drivers, airline staff, elite sportspeople and undoubtedly high worth individuals and celebrities?

8) In your heart of hearts, do you honestly believe that a virus can’t mutate if we pretend to close the borders and throw a few dissenters in jail? Can a virus respect borders? Does it bend itself to futile Government interventions cooked up in the recesses of what appears to be the increasingly deluded mind of the Health Secretary? 

9) Do you have any reservations about the sinister media fear campaign still being waged against the British people, at great expense using our own hard earned money? Can you look me in the eye and tell me that it’s all been worth it? That the measures have saved more people from Covid than they’ve killed or will kill without Covid? That laying blame on the public for the virus is a reasonable thing to do, when the Government itself has failed so completely to protect those in care homes and hospitals? 

10) Finally, have you thought about how you feel about being associated with this tyrannical Government forevermore, with being a part of it all? Have you considered that by saying nothing, questioning nothing, you are complicit?
I really hope you can sleep at night. I can’t, and my conscience is clear.

“Absolute power corrupts absolutely.” (Acton)

And if you still think that the vaccines are going to get us out of this mess, well, you haven’t been paying attention.
Yours sincerely, etc.   "