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Wednesday, 16 October 2019

Pharmaceutical drugs withdrawn because they contained cancer-causing ingredients! When will we recognise that pharmaceutical drugs are a significant cause of the cancer epidemic?

As if pharmaceutical drugs were not sufficiently dangerous in themselves, what is now becoming clear is that there these same drugs are being withdrawn because of the way they are being manufactured.

Many drugs are now made in chemical plants in China and India, where safety controls are less rigorous and effective. Drugs that are 'out-of-patent' are made in these countries for one simple reason. To reduce the cost of production.

But in successfully reducing their costs (and increasing their profitability) the pharmaceutical companies are increasing levels of patient harm. WDDTY have recently announced that more than 50 prescription drugs have been contaminated with cancer causing chemicals.

               "The prescription drug you're taking could contain high levels of a carcinogen, or cancer-causing agent. Most drugs are manufactured in China and India, where there are no safety controls, and America's drug regulators, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), has recalled more than 50 drugs so far because of their health risks".

Conventional medicine has never placed protecting patients from harm very high on their list of priorities. If it had most of the drugs and vaccines doctors are currently prescribing would have been banned already - because of their inherent dangers.

Yet if the serious side effects of pharmaceutical drugs were not bad enough, now patient safety is threatened by the way these drugs are manufactured.
Some frequently prescribed drugs are involved in the 50 drugs the FDA has recalled. One is the blood pressure drug, valsartan (marketed as Diovan). It was found to have lethal levels of a cancer-causing chemical. Two other drugs withdrawn were irbesartan and losartan.
Moreover, WDDTY added that most pharmaceutical drugs manufactured in India and China are not being tested for contaminants, that the FDA checks only 1% of pharmaceutical drugs used in the USA - this according to an investigation undertaken by Bloomberg Business Week. In Europe the situation is unlikely to be any different.
Yet there is another consideration arising from this revelation.

These drugs, and undoubtedly many others, will have been prescribed to patients who subsequently develop cancer. So cancer rates will rise, just as they have been rising during the last 70-100 years. Yet what will the explanation be for this trend? Indeed, what is the explanation for the current epidemic levels of cancer?

Many explanations may offered by conventional medicine. But certainly pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines will not be amongst them. If there is a further increase in cancer rates caused by these drugs, conventional medicine may continue to strive to find a cure, with the usual lack of success. But identifying their drugs as a cause will not be mentioned, by anyone, anywhere, at any time. That by stopping taking pharmaceutical drugs might remove a major cause of cancer will never be mentioned. After all, it makes no business sense!

Many pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are known to cause cancer. I have listed some of them here. And these drugs cause cancer even when they are manufactured properly, without cancer-causing ingredients, in India, China, or anywhere else. Doctors know this. Conventional medicine knows this. Governments know this. One major cure for cancer is within our reach, but kept out of our reach.