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Monday, 28 October 2019

Is Homeopathy Dangerous? Or is Conventional Medicine trying to hide from its own failure?

Today (28th October 2019) has witnessed yet another full-frontal attack on Homeopath by the conventional medical establishment in the mainstream media. Well, the homeopathic community is used to it. It is a regular occurrence now!

NHS Chief's Blast at 'Dangerous' Homeopathy was the headline in the Daily Mail. On the same day the Daily Telegraph's headline was "NHS Leaders Declare War on Homeopathy', and the Scottish Daily Mail leads with "NHS Chief slams homeopathic remedies". I haven't bothered to read the latter two articles. So how do I know about them? They were referred to in the Daily Mail article, all published on the same day!. So how did they know what other papers were writing about - on the same day?

Might it be that this was a planned, coordinated anti-homeopathy campaign? Again, there are no surprises if this was indeed the case. The mainstream media is funded by pharmaceutical companies to the extent that these papers would not survive if their advertising was withdrawn. So for their own viability they have to stand alongside the conventional medical establishment. And they do - meekly, slavishly, dishonorably.

This epidsode means that there can no longer be any doubt that the UK's NHS (National Health Service) is now totally controlled by the pharmaceutical industry, not just because the treatments it offers to its patients are now almost totally drug-based, but because it routinely and gratuitously attacks any form of alternative medicine, not least homeopathy.

So are these attacks on homeopathy by the mainstream media, and the NHS, based on the fact that conventional medicine is winning the war of sickness and disease?

This is a difficult claim for anyone to argue, not least the NHS!
  • The NHS has always failed to cope with the ever rising levels of illness and disease that we have witnessed over the past 70+ years.
  • The NHS has never been able to manage patient demand for health care even though its has had an ever-expanding budget.
  • And the more pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines the NHS has provided for us, to make us healthier, the sicker we have become.
  • Disease is out of control. Allergy, Alzheimers, Arthritis, Asthma, Autism, Cancer, Dementia, Diabetes (and every other chronic disease you might want to add) are all now running at unprecedented levels.
  • And the numbers of patients suffering from each of these diseases are not reducing, they are increasing, very rapidly
  • And many of these chronic diseases are no longer 'old age' ailments, as they were once considered: younger adults and children now suffer from them. In increasing numbers.
If conventional medicine was ever going to work, if pharmaceutical drugs were ever going to be found effective, we would now be a healthier, not a sicker nation. And the conventional medical establishment would be presenting medical statistics to prove this. Instead we face these epidemics of chronic disease, and a medical system that cannot recruit sufficient doctors to deal with increasing health demands.

So what's the problem? How does the NHS explain these 70+ years of medical failure?
  • It's all the fault of homeopathy!
Why do 10% of parents refuse to allow their children to be vaccinated (and probably another 10% are reluctant, but do so because of the constant pressure)?
  • Its all the fault of homeopathy! And those dreadful anti-vaxxers, of course!
Only a tiny proportion of the NHS budget has ever been spent on homeopathy (or any other alternative medical treatment). 

Only a tiny proportion of patients use homeopathy for their medical treatment, mostly it is un-subsidised, they have to pay for it themselves, and broadly they are happy to do so.

So is something else going on here? Is the conventional medical establishment beginning to realise that it is failing to deliver good health?
  • their drugs are unsafe, and increasingly cannot be used because of their dangerous side effects.
  • their drugs are ineffective, they are not capable of dealing with chronic disease epidemics.
  • we invest exclusively on a medical system that is exorbitantly expensive
  • even when the NHS budget is regularly increased by £billions, and bankrupting the nation, it still cannot cope.
So what to do? Focus on these problems? Investigate its own failure?

Or attack other medical systems?
Rage that some patients won't vaccinate for diseases that are no longer a major problem (and were not major problems when their vaccines were first introduced)?

No! Attack the competition! Insist that pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are safe and effective! State that any other medical therapy is unproven, worthless, even dangerous!

A wounded, and cornered animal is a very dangerous animal. It will strike out, randomly, blindly, to defend itself from further harm. And this is what we can see happening.

But questions are being asked, even if they are not currently being asked within the NHS, within government, or within the media. The 10% who are refusing vaccines are the one's who are asking questions, with no help from doctors, politicians, or journalists.
  • Is what is being offered by the NHS (drugs/vaccines) really safe? 
  • Are they effective? Are their reducing or increasing disease? 
  • And is the NHS being bankrupted by a medical system that needs ever more money, more resources, with each successive year.
Another 10% of the population will soon be asking questions too.
  • Is homeopathy really to blame for medical failure? 
  • Why is the NHS obsessing with measles and mumps?
  • Why is it so unconcerned about ever-rising levels of autism, dementia, cancer, et al?
When this new 10% joins the present 10% it will be the beginning of everyone becoming aware. The NHS has nothing safe or healthy to offer us. It's drug cabinet is almost bare. We are getting sicker.

But homeopathy is dangerous - isn't it!