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Wednesday 27 June 2018

HOMEOPATHY IN AUSTRALIA. A petition for transparency and honesty in health reports

Please sign this petition, and join this campaign for honesty in health. I am using this material, taken from the launch of this movement.
The public has a right to know that the NHMRC in Australia carried out their review of Homeopathy TWICE, completely BURYING any evidence of the first Report. 
‘Release the First Report’ builds on its sister campaign, ‘Your Health Your Choice’, launched last summer which achieved huge success, generating over 87,000 signatures in Australia. 
Now it’s time to go global!
The stakes could not be higher.
The recent UK High Court ruling to uphold a ban on homeopathic prescriptions is based primarily on the NHMRC report, sets a dangerous precedent. (Conventional medicine will use it in other countries if they feel they can get away with it)
As the formal investigation into NHMRC’s conduct has been going on for almost two years, it is time to show the Australian Government that the world is watching and demands that NHMRC explain themselves.
We need as many people as possible, from as many countries as possible, to sign up to the campaign on 
· Sign up at
· Connect with the campaign on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. 
There is the option to opt-in to the Your Health Your Choice campaign at the same time.
It will be of major political significance if we can simultaneously push the original YHYC campaign to reach 100,000 signatures.
Numbers are crucial, so please sign up and share widely.
This situation further underlines the fraud and dishonesty that the conventional medical establishment is prepared to use to undermine homeopathy, and to protect their medical monopoly.