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Monday 2 April 2018

NHS in Crisis (Summer 2018)

The NHS is in crisis again. It has come under 'unprecedented' pressure this winter, with Accident & Emergency attendances, waiting times and admissions rising to alarming levels. These are the words of the British Medical Association, the professional association and registered trade union for doctors in Britain. who undertake regular analyses on pressure points within the NHS. Today, after the 'unprecedented' winter of 2017-2018, they have highlighted "several worrying trends as spiraling demand outstrips the ability of services to cope" which predicts that the annual winter crisis is set to become one that goes on into the summer. Apparently, the crisis has become a constant, ongoing one!

               "Based on current trends, our assessment is that rather than experiencing the customary fall in pressures this summer, the NHS will experience similar levels of demand and activity this summer as it did in the winter of just two or three years ago."

I have written much about the annual winter crisis within the NHS. My most recent blog was written in November 2017, predating this winter's crisis, and referencing all the other blogs I have published over the years. My argument remains the same.

  • The NHS crisis is MEDICAL.
  • It concerns the failure of conventional medicine to help sick people become better.
  • It concerns the side effects, or more accurately, the 'disease-inducing-effects', of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines - which are making us sicker - and which have led to the epidemic levels of chronic sickness and diseases from which we now suffer.
Once this cause of the NHS crisis is understood the future can be confidently predicted. Conventional medicine will continue to fail to make sick people well. Pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines will continue to make us sicker, epidemic rises in levels of chronic sickness and disease will continue. And all this quite regardless of the money spent on the NHS.

Yet when the crisis in the NHS is discussed, it is always a plea for more money, more resources, more of everything. And with every ensuing year the government is obliged to respond by investing more money into the NHS. This money is spent on MORE conventional medicine, MORE pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, in fact MORE of the very things that are producing the ongoing health crisis.

Conventional medicine has to find a scapegoat for this failure, a reason for the crisis that deflects attention from its performance. This scapegoat is always older people.  The crisis, we are told, is caused by an ageing population, who are placing 'unprecedented' pressures on the NHS, and its ability to cope. 

This is nonsense too. Cancer is no longer just a disease of old age. Dementia is now affecting people in their 30's, 40's and 50's. Organ and limb transplants are needed by every younger generations. And the same can be said for every epidemic of chronic disease from which we are suffering today. Indeed, our babies, our children, our young people are now sicker than they ever were prior to the inauguration of the NHS.

So what is the BMA now predicting. They present their 'best case scenario' for the coming summer as follows:
  • 5.89million attendances at A&E.
  • 613,000 people waiting over 4 hours at A&E.
  • Only 89.6% of patients seen, admitted or discharged within four hours.
  • 1.51million emergency admissions.
  • 127,000 trolley waits of four or more hours.
So conventional medicine is now predicting that the NHS crisis will now extend into the summer. Many more £billions are going to be spent over this period, but even so, the BMA, a leading doctor's organisation, is resigned to a winter crisis extending throughout the entire year. 

The BMA is predicting a medical crisis, but failing to recognise the medical cause of the crisis.

The NHS is running out of money, doctors, nurses, and resources of every conceivable kind. Every specialism is saying that they could cope with the increased demand - but only if they are given lots more money. But when conventional doctors get lots more money (for instance, the NHS budget was tripled between 1997 and 2010) the crisis continues - regardless!

What follows has not yet been written.......................................

This is a space reserved for comments on what happens within the NHS during April, May, June, July and August 2018.

My prediction of what will fill that space is based on my interpretation of the NHS crisis, as follows:
  • The crisis will continue because conventional medicine will continue to fail to make sick people better, as it has always done.
  • The crisis will continue because pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines will continue to make people even sicker, and add to the epidemic levels of chronic disease.
Is there anyone out there who dares to predict anything else?