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Friday, 9 February 2018

Patient harm? Medical blunders are bankrupting the NHS! Or is it just dangerous medicine?

Homeopaths, who are members of the Alliance of Registered Homeopaths, are obliged to take out indemnity insurance. It costs them less that £50 per year.

Conventional medical doctors are complaining that they cannot afford to pay for their indemnity insurance, so the NHS is helping them pay for it. For more on this see my blog, "Indemnity. What happens when doctors harm patients?"

These two facts should indicate, to anyone who is looking for such an indication, that homeopathy is a considerably safer medical therapy than conventional medicine.

Now, we are told, pay-outs for 'medical blunders' have reached such a peak that they represent around 60% of the UK's annual spend on healthcare, and that the BMA and the AMRC have warned that if the full £65 billion compensation is paid to damaged patients, the NHS could be bankrupted!

A WDDTY article states that negligence and malpractice claims have risen alarmingly in the past few years: in 2014, the total liability stood at £29 billion, and so it has more than doubled in a couple of years. As it says, the NHS costs UK taxpayers around £105 billion a year.

So quite amazingly the NHS will soon be paying out more for the outcomes of conventional medical treatment than the treatment itself!

WDDTY says that patient groups are worried that the spiralling payments could result in cases being 'brushed under the carpet,' or creating a wall of silence and denial in NHS hospitals. Actually, this is already happening - and indeed it has been happening for decades. This is why patients still do not know about the full horror of the harm that is caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines!

This story has even reached the UK's national press - unusual for them to publish anything 'negative' about conventional medicine!

          The Mail's headline was "Justice Secretary is warned to cut 'staggering' payouts for NHS blunders or the health service will go bankrupt". The article manages to place the blame entirely on 'medical mistakes', 'negligence' or 'blunders', rather than the inevitable outcome of practicing medicine that is INHERENTLY DANGEROUS! Indeed, the article manages to make no mention whatsoever of pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines!

               At least the Telegraph article, "Cutting compensation for those maimed by the NHS would be 'hideously unfair'" seems more concerned about damaged patients than the finances of the NHS. But it also manages to make no mention of the harm caused by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines!

We all know the reason for this media silence (or is it censorship)! The pharmaceutical industry funds the mainstream press, some estimates say to the tune of 70%. Clearly, it is unwise to bite the hand that feeds you!

So patients are harmed, but led to believe that they are being harmed because of medical negligence, mistakes, or blunders. So it is individual doctors who have to pay the price and not the medical system they operate. The pharmaceutical companies, meanwhile, take the profits, and pay little or nothing in compensation to patients. Their drugs and vaccines have been used "in error" by these doctors. Apparently it is not the fault of the drugs!

Yet doctors don't pay the price or their errors either. Or when they do, as in the current case of a junior doctor at a Leicester hospital being struck off the register, there is an outcry. "Unfair", is the message. Why should the doctor be blamed?

Which leaves the question - who is to blame for the levels of patient harm that is now threatening to bankrupt the NHS? It's not the blunders of doctors! It's not the pressure doctors have to work under within the NHS! It is not an underfunded or badly organised NHS!

It is the drug-dominated medical system that dominates the NHS!

If the conventional medical establishment could admit this a solution would be readily available. Move away from pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines, and bring in more homeopathy, and other safer, more effective medical therapies. So what is the NHS doing? It is proposing to ban homeopathy!

UPDATE 13th July 2018
Cost of NHS Clinical negligence payouts continue to soar
The GP magazine, Pulse has reported that NHS Resolution, the organisation that handles legal claims of 'clinical negligence' spent an extra £404m on last year. The total cost of payouts was up by close to one-third, to £2.23bn in 2017/18, from £1.71bn in 2016/17.

Dr Christine Tomkins, Medical Defence Union (MDU) chief executive, is quoted as saying

               "The cost of clinical negligence claims continues to spiral out of control and it is no surprise that, while NHS Resolution has seen claims numbers stabilise, in 2017/8 it paid out a record £2.23 billion compensating patients through its clinical negligence schemes..."

This situation is not only bankrupting the NHS, our doctors are now claiming that they are now unable to pay their indemnity insurance premiums. As reported several times on this blog the Department of Health and Social Care is introducing "a state-backed indemnity solution for GPs" from April 2019.

               "The DHSC announced the scheme last year, after acknowledging that high costs of medical negligence cover were impacting GPs' ability to work."

So basically this is the current situation.

  • The NHS is totally committed to conventional medical treatment, based on pharmaceutical drugs, and excluding all other (safer) medical therapies.
  • These pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines are causing patient harm, and some of the more seriously damaged patients are claiming damages.
  • As our doctors can no longer afford to pay the resulting indemnity insurance premiums, the government has agreed to pay them for the doctors.
  • Where does the government get the money? From taxpayers, some of whom are patients who have been damaged by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines.
So, basically, we go to the doctors, they give us dangerous drugs which harm us, and they do so without even having to pay the insurance costs.

And so it goes on!

For more information on how conventional doctors persuaded government to pay their indemnity insurance, click on the search bar (top left hand corner of this webpage) and type 'indemnity insurance'.