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Friday, 16 February 2018

Doctors continue to leave the NHS in droves, yet another sign of the failure of conventional medicine

Several articles in the doctor's e-magazine this week attracted my attention. I have long been arguing that conventional, drug-based medicine is failing, and that it is this failure that underlies the ongoing crisis in the National Health Service in Britain.

The first article stated that "almost 3,000 GPs retired before the age of 60 over the past five years". There are probably two reasons for this, doctors are well paid and many might feel financially able to retire early. Or, of course, working in the NHS is such a stressful job doctors want to get out of it as soon as they can. Reading the comments of doctors on articles published in the magazine the main reason seems to be the latter.

Yet what can be more rewarding than working as a doctor helping patients, and curing illness and disease? 

The problem is, as I have long argued in this blog, is that this is just not happening. And what job is less rewarding than treating sick patients who continue coming back, no better, or even sicker?

The government is aware of the problem of GP shortage, and have taken action. The second article reveals that result of these government measures. "Number of GPs continues to decline as 200 leave in three months".  As the article says, "the GP workforce in England is continuing to decline with 219 full-time equivalent GPs lost to the profession since September (2017)". Clearly not a helpful situation when the NHS continues in crisis, and patients find it difficult to book an appointment with a GP!

The inevitable result of an increasingly sick population and a declining number of doctors is that the remaining doctors have an increased workload. This is what the third Pulse article confirms. "Over 80% of GPs say workload has worsened since GP Forward View". The article is based on a Pulse survey of NHS doctors which concluded that "the Government's £2.4bn general practice rescue package has failed to relieve GP workload two years on".

The failure of conventional medicine, dominated by pharmaceutical drugs and vaccines as it is, has been ongoing now since the NHS made them available to everyone, free at the point of use, 70 years ago. It has been quite predictable. And whilst the conventional medical monopoly with the NHS continues, the NHS will continue to fail, or the entire system will be bankrupted.

It is time patients started to take action, for the sake of heir own health, and say 'No' to pharmaceutical drugs, and begin to demand safer, more effective medical therapies.